The Demonstration Schedule

While you’re here there’s plenty to see when you’re not taking a class (and of course, there’s no one forcing you to take a class…you can just come in and spend the day with us browsing the Shopper’s Boulevard, picnicking on the grounds and walking the beach), you’ll find three different venues to explore.

First, quilt artist Mary Ellen Kranz will be working through out the weekend on digitally printed fiber art postcards.  Integrating techniques from both of her books and the work she has done across the United States and in Europe, she’ll be photographing images we find around the College and turning them into mailable works of art.  Mary Ellen welcomes questions and her demonstration time will be all the more interesting if you jump in with questions.

Second, the Shopper’s Boulevard will be set up with demonstrations at many of the booths.  Take advantage of these talented artists to learn more about what they do, how they do it and how you might be able to integrate their techniques into your own art.  This year the following vendors have offered you:

  • Buckwheat Bridge Angoras will discuss solar powered fiber processing and hand spinning

    Spinning from the rabbit's back

    Spinning from the rabbit

  • Ackers Acres Angoras will demonstrate spinning from the rabbit and care of Angora rabbits
  • Autumn Hollow Farm will demonstrate basic knitting and crocheting stitches and welcome you to try their handcrafted needlework tools
  • Sunshine Daydream Farm will have a display of naturally dyed fibers and fibers in the process of taking on color from local wildflowers and plants
  • Moat Farm will demonstrate basket making techniques
  • Naturally Fuzzy Yarns will lay out knitting needles and yarns of all sorts, compositions and combinations for you to try and test
  • All About Angoras will talk to you about angora rabbits; their care, their selection and the ways to include their fiber in your favorite projects
  • Friend’s Folly Farm will allow you to try a variety of needle felting techniques and demonstrate solar dyeing of their custom mohair/wool blend fibers
  • Cedar Valley Fibers will demonstrate color blending on a drum carder and Navajo plying on a spinning wheel (make three ply yarns for better knitting)
  • Zati Fiber Arts will demonstrate spinning and weaving
  • Sock it to Me will demonstrate knitting hats and socks
  • Land and Lamb Company will have Navajo Churro Sheep on display and offer spinning demonstrations of this rare wool for blankets and rugs
  • Pinestar Studio will demonstrate spinning, dyeing, carding, and tapestry weaving
  • Purple Fleece will have table top weaving and spinning wheels for demonstration and experimentation
  • The Irish Ewe will teach knitting and discuss the differences between sheep’s wool by breed.  They will have award winning Jacob sheep on display and answer your questions about care, selection and breeding.
  • Earth Treasures on Friday and Saturday will demonstrate beaded edging embellishments; several different techniques of beaded fringes and one technique of crocheting beads into your yarn based pieces.
    On Sunday Jeanette Cook of the Beady Eyed Woman will demonstrate embellishing on felted squares and balls with beads
  • Good Karma Spinning will talk about preparing a fleece for the mill
  • Log Cabin Lamb and Wool will have sheep on display and demonstrate a variety of spinning techniques

As if this wasn’t enough, the Demonstration Tent hour long demonstrations, talks and displays through out the weekend.  The schedule for the tent will be:

Friday Time Slot Instructor Demonstration/ Talk
12:00-1:00 Mlabri Weavers See previous blog posting
1:15-2:15 Gale Mallett, artist Artist’s Trading Cards
2:30-3:30 Richard Johnson, Collector Sub Continent Textile Collection
3:45-4:45 TBA
Saturday 10:00-12:00 Laurie Sims, Fiber Artist Crochet Clinic
12:30-1:30 Meaghan Pinette, historian Belfast Historical Society Textile Collection
2:00-4:00 Sarah Johnson, Quilter Fabric Manipulation Techniques
4:15-5:15 Mlabri Weavers See previous blog posting
Sunday 10:00-11:00 Friends Folly Farm Angora Goat Shearing
11:15-12:15 Kathy Goldner Stories of Knitting
12:30-1:30 Mlabri Weavers See previous blog posting
1:45-2:45 TBA

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