This is the first year Fiber College will be offering scheduled demonstrations in addition to the informal demonstrations most of the vendors offer at their booths. The intention of both is to give you a chance to touch, see, smell and ask lots of questions. We’ll feel like the College is a success if you walk away with a new appreciation for all of these ancient arts. To make the most of your time with us, plan on talking with the many accomplished artists who give up their weekend just to share their passion.

To help you plan, here is the schedule of formal demonstrations…check on the message board to see if there have been any changes once you get here.
Day Time Slot Location Demo Instructor
Friday 1:00 Demonstration Booth Quilting Mary Ellen Kranz
2:00 Cedar Valley Fibers Booth Spinning on a Wheel Kelly Mc Kenzie
3:00 Spinnakee Farm Booth Credit Card Holder Betty Stover

(rug hooking and embroidery)

4:00 Demonstration Booth Fiber Post Cards Emma Morin


10:00 Demonstration Booth Wool Collage Kelly Corbett
11:00 Pinestar Studio Booth Tapestry Weaving Linda Whiting
1:00 Spinnakee Farm Booth Needle Felting Tea Cozy Betty Stover
2:00 Thistle Woolworks Booth Kuhimo Braiding Carole Presburg
3:00 Cedar Valley Fibers Booth Spinning- Navajo Plying Kelly Mc Kenzie
4:00 Buckwheat Farm Booth Solar Powered Spinning Mill Sara Healy


9:00 Leslie Wind Studio Booth Wire Working for Fiber Artists Leslie Wind
10:00 Demonstration Booth Drop Spinning Susan Dewey
11:00 Demonstration Booth Tatting Beryl Pitman
12:00 End of the World Booth Locker Hooking Katie Jarius
1:00 Keith O’Connor Beads Booth Beads…With Pleasure! Laurie Farrell
2:00 Sock-it-to-Me Booth Knitting Bobbles and Cables Kathy Norwood
3:00 Ackers Acres Angoras Booth Color Blending for Spinning Beth Acker

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