Fiber College of Maine is an annual festival celebrating fiber arts in all forms. Fiber College comes alive each year, the week after Labor Day, in historic Searsport, Maine. The sun is warm, the apples are ripe and we gather in the beautiful natural setting of Searsport Shores Oceanfront Campground.  This unique, accessible park provides fiber artists, crafters and students with opportunities to spread over 40 acres for nine days of learning and sharing skills that cross time, place and cultures. We watch, talk, experiment, make beautiful handcrafted items, and take pride in our accomplishments and communities within its organic gardens, fiber animals paddocks, studios, concert spaces and on its private beach.  When we’re not pursuing the joy of making, we’re enjoying delicious local food, traditional music, and gazing over the ocean into the star studded night.  In light of the current pandemic, Fiber College…the Unraveled Campout will take place September 9-13 for 50 participants who are camping at Searsport Shores.


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  1. Hi,

    Just got back from the fiber festival and noticed your ad in the back of the fair book. Is this open to anyone to drop in and camp for the weekend? Is there a entry fee or do we just sign up for classes and where would we do that?

    thank you for you time


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