In Your Own Words

The classes have been chosen, the schedule has been massaged and we’re diving into the details. It’s exciting because we’re just a couple days away from launching the very best Fiber College agenda ever (registration will open between 9 AM and 12 PM April 1st)! While Kathe works on the details of the classes, Emma keeps our books and commitments in order, Kendra works on the menus, I (Astrig) am working on the communication side of the registration process and I need your help.

In the block quote below you’ll see the note every registrant receives when the class or vendor booth registration is complete. If you’ve attended Fiber College before, is there anything else you wish we had written out plain and clear? If you’ve never attended, is there anything else you’d like to know before you arrive in Searsport? I’m looking for feedback and your input is invaluable…thanks in advance!

We’re so glad that you’re going to be joining us!  You should find all of the information you need right here on the confirmation.  More than a decade of experience has taught us that your life will be easier if:

You jot your password and the e-mail address you used on this confirmation.
Remember that the “details” link on the class description gives you information about kit fees and materials you need to bring. Please be prepared to pay the instructor by cash or check at the beginning of each class.
Wear comfortable clothes and shoes that allow you to add and subtract layers as necessary. September on the coast of Maine usually starts out cool, warms up nicely, and then finishes with a good excuse for a warm sweater.  History has proven that you should be prepared for at least one rainstorm during this weekend.
Unless you have a handicapped license plate, be prepared to walk about 10 minutesdown a gravel road from your car to the classroom tents.  We offer shuttle service on our golf carts but you could still be doing some walking. Many of the classes are held in event tents (with sides) so if you’re using a spinning wheel or sewing machine and would be more comfortable, bring a small mat for your feet.
Pack a flashlight if you’ll be coming to any of our evening events.
We will have food & beverages on site with gluten free and vegetarian options always available.  If you’d prefer to bring your own, please do and know that there are lovely places to sit throughout the campground.  Our central location also lends itself to exploring dozens of great restaurants within a 15 minute drive.
We’d be happy to help you plan a retreat.  Consider coming a few days early and/or staying a few days later knowing there will be studio space available and we’d be happy to customize an itinerary that includes yarn stores, fiber farms, fantastic sewing/supply stores and museums/galleries galore.

If you have something to add or think that something should be changed, please e-mail me at, leave a comment here or leave a comment on our facebook page.

Thanks a bundle, Astrig

One Comment on “In Your Own Words

  1. Looks correct and clear to me.
    Need to make sure we have a reservation for camping.

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