Let’s get the Ball Rolling for 2019!

Travel back in time to September 5th, 2018…  We said hello to students who had come for the Wednesday/Thursday intensive sessions and in less than an hour we were making plans for Fiber College 2019.  Yes friends, as artists we really know how to live in the moment! 😉  Fast forward to New Year’s day a couple of weeks ago…we were talking about Fiber College as we sipped Kir Royales and ate Alice’s homemade bagels with cream cheese and lox…it’s safe to say that not a day goes by without some conversation about our favorite week of the year.

So with no further ado, we will be soliciting class proposals from today through March 1st.  You can find the proposal site here and if you’d like to talk about things first, send me (Astrig) an e-mail, director@fibercollege.org.  We’ll gather proposals until March 1st, shortly thereafter the jury will meet to choose this year’s offerings and on April 1st Kathe will have the registration website up and running.  Sounds so easy, doesn’t it? In the meantime, even if you don’t want to teach a class, please don’t hesitate to make suggestions if you’d like us to pursue something you’ve been thinking about.

You may remember last year we began exploring why craft matters in our lives.  We interviewed artists Katharine Cobey, Susan Mills, Kathleen Goddu and Barbara Burns and Alice Seeger compiled our favorite moments into a video that was shown on Saturday night.  This year we will continue our quest with the theme Crafting Connections.  We’ll be asking you, our students, teachers and beloved friends how making things with your hands forges the important connections in your life…expect us to reach out soon.  The best way to stay in touch is follow us on Instagram, like our Facebook page and join the conversation in our Facebook group.

crafting connections laverne

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