A la carte Classes — WOW!

Did you know that you can come to Fiber College and take a sampling of classes that are offered in one-hour blocks? These delicious a la carte classes are coming together and what a smorgasbord!  Just perfect if you want a taste of what Fiber College is all about (O.K. – I promise no more food references!).

Here’s how it works.

A variety of la carte classes will be offered starting at noon on Friday and all day Saturday and Sunday. You can purchase one or more large wooden bobbins for $20 each — each bobbin entitles you to one hour of instruction with one of our a la carte instructors. An a la carte class listed for Saturday afternoon 1-5 would actually be offered four times – 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, and 4:00.

Some of the instructors are also teaching regular classes at Fiber College so it’s a good way to try something new to see if you want to sign up for the class (space permitting). It’s also a great way to ‘audition’ some classes that you might want to take at FC ’19! A listing of a la carte classes and times will be found in your program and at the entrance gate.  With our new and improved signage throughout the venue, you’ll be able to locate the classes easily. You can browse and then choose your a la carte class and start making!

Here’s a sneak peek.

Artist Leanne Nickon will offer a one-hour Silk Painting four times on Friday afternoon — she’ll teach at 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, and 4:00. If you really like the one-hour class, you *might* find that there’s room for you to take her regular four hour class on Sunday from 9 to 1.

In Leanne’s a la carte class, each student will make a 12″ x 12″ piece of painted silk.

Todd Bennett will be offering 3-D Printing a la carte classes on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. You can take a one hour module to DESIGN and then a second hour module to PRINT. The two modules will be offered back to back throughout the day, but you may also choose to take the DESIGN class on one day and the PRINT module the following day. Just check in with Todd!

Come meet ROBO, the 3-D printer. You can choose or design your own object and then print it in 3-D. Wow!

So there you have it…just enough to whet your appetite! (Oops, I must be hungry–sorry)

There are plenty more a la carte classes to come! Stay tuned to learn about more over the coming weeks.

If you haven’t registered for regular classes yet, you may want to hop to it! Some classes are filling quickly — you don’t want to miss out. Just go to www.fibercollege.org  to sign up.

One Comment on “A la carte Classes — WOW!

  1. Sounds great!

    Maybe I can try this new idea soon.

    – Douglas

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