FC Scholarship Fund Receives a Generous Gift in Memory of Anita Palsgrove

With ten years behind us, Fiber College continues to be a magical place where dozens of old friendships are rekindled each year. It is a very special community where folks with a passion for a wide range of fiber arts can learn alongside new friends, too. It’s such great fun to stitch, carve, knit, dye, paint, weave and more each year at the Searsport Shores Ocean Campground on the beautiful Penobscot Bay.

To help make it possible for some to attend Fiber College who might not otherwise be able to, a scholarship fund has been established. This year we are most grateful for a very generous donation given to this fund by Stephen and Georgia Bupp, in memory of her friend, Anita. This gift will go a long way to help many folks to participate more fully in this year’s event. It will help some to attend for the first time, while for others it may make it possible to take an intensive class.

Fred remembers how eagerly Anita looked forward to attending Fiber College each year. They traveled the country year-round in their large 5th wheel. Anita continued to explore, learn, and teach with friends she made while traveling across the country each year. However, she always made sure that Fiber College was on their September itinerary. As Anita told us,

I value solitary time, and because we live “on the road,” it’s my daily norm.  But any time I have a chance to gather with other artists, informally or in workshops, classes or special studio times, I always leave feeling energized and inspired.  Finding Fiber College was truly life-changing!  It provides the best possible combination of artists, vendors, workshops, sharing, inspiration, mini classes, and adult “summer camp.”  And best of all, many friendships have grown from this annual gathering!

Anita was an artist with many passions. She created stunning hand-made paper, large 3-dimensional assemblages, mobiles, and small books. She experimented with surface design and loved creating artist journals.  Anita came from a rich heritage of fiber arts (her mother constructed and tailored clothing). She enjoyed taking the Gee’s Bend quilting classes at Fiber College.

In Anita’s own words:

Life – and art – are meant to enrich us, inspire us, and make us happy.  There are no rules in the work I produce; we share in the adventure of making it up as we go along.  So bring a sense of fun, your best laugh, some stories to share, new ideas, and let your creativity leak out all over the place.  What I produce will reflect me – but what you produce will be ALL YOURS.  And that should make you very happy.

If you or someone you know is interested in a Fiber College 2017 Scholarship, you can find the application here.  If you need further information, please contact Mary DeLano at mdelano@maine.rr.com  or Emma Morin, our Fiber College Registrar at registrationdesk@fibercollege.org

Thank you, Georgia and Stephen, for making such a generous gift to the Fiber College Scholarship Fund. What a very special way to remember our dear friend, Anita!

One thought on “FC Scholarship Fund Receives a Generous Gift in Memory of Anita Palsgrove

  1. Hi,

    Am trying to sell the Boothbay storage building (the country club wants the property) but have been locked out for 2 months. First it was the frozen ground affecting the steel door frame … and today (which was warm) I realized that the inside deadbolt was jamming.

    Have a 2nd guest on Tuesday so will address this crisis on Wednesday. Two realtors want to enter plus I have some titles in there that have been ordered. Always something!

    My propane heater in the Studio never worked perfectly. It was installed to prevent a water pipe flood, but failed to start last year. Service calls for 5 minutes of tweaking were $95 each. My Mass. friend/helper who comes up on Amtrak monthly, for a few days, knows about gas appliances, so removed the glass panel and artificial logs. The SENSOR was not close enough to the pilot light, causing a shut off. Moreover, that area was “FILTHY” – installed that way by Sewell Energy about 6 years ago, but not used due to Lois’ condition. It turned out that after my guest moved the angle of the sensor (a similar problem to my Camper refrigerator at one time) and cleaned out the CRUD, it worked fine – for the first time in all those years. There was some steel wool, dried pieces of putty, dirt and goodness knows what else in the igniting area. Some installation, eh?

    A picture of the cast iron Regency H27 heater is enclosed, which puts out 23,000 BTUs for my music roll Studio.

    Am adding a photo of the storage building last month. Digging through solid ice to access the steel side door was a major effort. The snow is gone but the door is still frozen shut. Two realtors want to enter to see it before listing the building. I expect to move 10 years of unprocessed rolls and 5 years of empty boxes to the Wiscasset house, converting the bedrooms to “warehouse” purposes.

    Meanwhile, good luck with the next Fiber College. I am so proud of you and Steve for creating this event and then having it build as time went on. Maybe if I can get lessons on Lois’ “Featherweight” portable I might come to take a class. Once my finances are in order I might.

    Your friend and Shores Fan – Douglas

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