Hard decisions – Check!

In 2007 Fiber College started as a celebration of authentic creativity in the beautiful surroundings of our family campground, Searsport Shores.  The term “Maker” wasn’t a word we used in our conversations and none of us dreamt Fiber College would become such a major part of our lives.  We were living a creative life in a beautiful place and wanted to share it with others.  September is the perfect time to join with artistic souls to celebrate crafts, art, gardens, food and quiet times on the beach.  We chose the word “College”, not for its reference to a physical facility but because it embodies the concept of a group of people gathered together with a passion and intention to learn.

This past Saturday, the FC jury came together for the 11th year to choose the classes that will be offered in September.  When we jury the classes, our goal is to provide a well rounded curriculum that offers projects and techniques at many skill levels and with a combination of teachers that includes both returning and new teachers.  The MOST difficult part of running the College is telling a prospective teacher that we weren’t able to accept their classes this year.  If I could make one thing understood above all else, everyone needs to understand that the decisions are not personal and should never be taken that way.  With no further ado, these are the classes we considered…more than 100 of them that needed to be sorted into the 45 or so that we can accommodate.

I look forward to hearing which ones you would have chosen.  We always keep your comments in the front of our minds and if we couldn’t make it happen this year, perhaps we can make it work next year.  In the meantime, we’ll be getting the registration forms in place and working on the evening celebrations…all will be posted at http://www.FiberCollege.org on April 1st.

When I think of the many gifts the Fiber College community has given me, it’s the volunteers and teachers who shape the program every year who come to mind first.

Thank you,


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