Wheel, Wheel, Who Won the 2016 Spinning Wheel???

Ann Brachman from Massachusetts! And this was her first year at Fiber College . . . wow!


100 tickets were sold. Some people bought more than one; Ann bought four. 100% of the ticket sales goes into the Fiber College Scholarship Fund. This is the second spinning wheel and lazy kate that Brian MacKay has created to benefit the fund. Thank you Brian for your great generosity!

When asked about his inspiration for the wheel, Brian tells us:

Fiber College was the inspiration for making a second spinning wheel…the people and camaraderie that spinning creates here during the week. It’s exciting and rewarding to meet the woman who was so excited to start a new adventure…in Ann’s case she was excited to learn flax spinning.

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In Ann’s own words:

Who doesn’t like to win a prize?  I was in my Double Knitting class when I got the call that I had won the spinning wheel.  I literally jumped into the air – you can ask the witnesses.(Ed. note: We were in class together. Yup, she jumped!)  Up until I won that spinning wheel, it never occurred to me to try spinning.  Winning this spinning wheel has provided me the opportunity to learn more about the yarn I select when knitting – apparently there’s more to yarn than color!!  
I became an empty nester just three weeks before winning this lovely piece of furniture.  I’m looking forward to moving it around my house so I can sit in all of my cozy spots and play with it.  My first project will certainly be small, maybe a hat or fingerless gloves.  Who knows where I will go from there!  
This was my first visit to Fiber College.  I was nervous going by myself but had no reason to be.  It feels empowering to be in a group of like-minded people who are someplace on the creative spectrum.  The participants are just as inspiring as the classes.  On my first visit, I selected classes in my comfort zone.  Winning the spinning wheel has convinced me to jump out of what I know and try new adventures.  I can’t wait for next year’s Fiber College!
Congratulations, Ann! We look forward to seeing what you wear in next year’s “Wear Your Art” gathering at Fiber College 2017!



One thought on “Wheel, Wheel, Who Won the 2016 Spinning Wheel???

  1. Fantastic! Congratulations, I heard your squeal of delight when they told you. It will be fun to see your creations with this beautiful wheel.

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