In Memory of Anita Palsgrove

Anita Palgrove - You will be missed.

Anita Palgrove – You will be missed.

It is with great sadness that we share with the Fiber College community the passing of Anita Palsgrove. Anita was an active participant at Fiber College in recent years and she was really looking forward to teaching this year. She and her dear husband, Fred, lived in a large motor home and traveled the country year-round. Anita continued to explore, learn, and teach with and from friends she made while traveling across the country each year. She always made sure that Fiber College was on their September itinerary. As Anita told us,

I value solitary time, and because we live “on the road,” it’s my daily norm.  But any time I have a chance to gather with other artists, informally or in workshops, classes or special studio times, I always leave feeling energized and inspired.  Finding Fiber College was truly life-changing!  It provides the best possible combination of artists, vendors, workshops, sharing, inspiration, mini classes, and adult “summer camp.”  And best of all, many friendships have grown from this annual gathering!

Anita was an artist with many passions. She created stunning hand-made paper, large 3-dimensional assemblages, mobiles, and small books. She experimented with surface design and loved creating artist journals.  Anita came from a rich heritage of fiber arts (her mother constructed and tailored clothing). She enjoyed taking the Gee’s Bend quilting classes at Fiber College.  Just last year she returned to hand-sewing; most recently, she loved working with eco-prints and rust dyeing.   So many talents!

In Anita’s own words:

Life – and art – is meant to enrich us, inspire us, and make us happy.  There are no rules in the work I produce; we share in the adventure of making it up as we go along.  So bring a sense of fun, your best laugh, some stories to share, new ideas, and let your creativity leak out all over the place.  What I produce will reflect me – but what you produce will be ALL YOURS.  And that should make you very happy.

Fiber College held a special place in Anita’s heart. And you hold a special place in ours. We will miss you, Anita!

One thought on “In Memory of Anita Palsgrove

  1. I am so very sad to hear this news today. When I opened the FB page that announced her passing, it took my breath away. I had so been looking forward to seeing her again at Fiber College this year. She was “one of a kind” special. Sweet, endearing and always a joy to be with. I will miss her…..

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