Flowers, Birds, and Bugs — Oh, My!

A neon spider?? A striped beetle? I’ve been especially fascinated with the colorful variety of bugs in my flower garden this year.  I was even able to convince our five-year old granddaughter that both the flowers AND bugs were beautiful! And the birds at my feeders have been faithful, brilliant, and fun to watch all year.

Colorful, faithful, brilliant, fun, and fun to watch — sounds like Fiber College to me! How can we capture all that we love about Fiber College as we celebrate our Tenth Anniversary?


We have prepared a large canvas (actually a wool blanket with a landscape appliqued to it) on which we will create a Fiber Artist’s Garden.


We have created a few flowers, but need many more creations to fill the piece.  There are two ways you can get involved:

  1. Make Flowers, Birds, and Bugs before you come to Fiber College
  2. Make Flowers, Birds, and Bugs AT Fiber College (look for the Fiber Artist’s Garden tent)

Make your pieces in advance and bring them to Fiber College for us to incorporate into the garden.  Use your favorite technique or learn a new one.  Here are some fabulous links to ideas and directions for making all kinds of flowers, birds, and bugs:



20 Different Fabric Flowers with Links to Easy-to-Follow Directions

Felted Flowers

We will be set up in a tent to work on our project.  On Friday and Saturday, we will have supplies and instructions available for you to make your own flowers, birds and bugs.  We will also need help felting a tree and leaves onto the wall hanging.


If you have a favorite flower making technique that you want to share, bring along a sample and some supplies to share with your Fiber College friends.

On Sunday, we will be attaching the flowers, birds,and bugs to the collage with hopes of revealing it at the Ice Cream Social Sunday afternoon — what a way to celebrate US!


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