Kiva: Fiber College Community Makes a Huge Difference


A loan of $500 helped Maqsood in Pakistan to purchase more beads, threads and frames to fill orders for her customers on time and to earn strong profits. Fiber College contributed to her loan!

Imagine helping someone in a developing country to work their way out of poverty. is an organization that has the capacity to connect thousands of borrowers (most in developing countries) to lenders around the world, willing to lend in $25.00 increments. A network of local field partners works carefully with borrowers to support their efforts, update the lenders, and collect payments which are credited back to the lenders through KIVA. Lenders are then given the option to re-invest the money in new or returning borrowers, to be repaid through a Paypal account, or to help support KIVA’s operations. (Ed. note: My husband and I have re-loaned our original $25 loan more than thirty-five times and it feels terrific!)

“Las Trabajadoras” or “Hard-working Women” began their very first loan cycle funded by KIVA investors, including Fiber College 2014 donors.

“Las Trabajadoras” or “Hard-working Women” in Guatemala began their very first loan cycle funded by KIVA investors, including Fiber College 2014 donors. A portion of the group’s $6,125 loan helped a member to buy high quality thread in various colors and additional “cortes” that she can offer in her textile business.

Fiber College is thrilled to announce that this year 1% of ALL student registration fees will be donated to KIVA. Several years ago, we began this effort in a small way when FC students and instructors deposited coins and cash to a large jar. Five loans were made and since then, that money has been re-invested to more than ten additional borrowers – all women, all fiber artists, trying to improve their family’s way of life.

We’ll continue to post updates about some of our borrowers on Facebook as well as here on the blog. Thank you for your help to make a better way of life available for so many living in poverty!

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