Artist Profile: Sally Savage

Sally Savage is a fiber artist who invites us to journey with her into the delightfully messy world of papier mache to create adorable, whimsical bunnies at this year’s Fiber College. What fun! Whether the bunny you create is for your child, a grandchild, or just for yourself, it will be cherished. A special Saturday evening class will be offered to learn how to dress pre-made bunnies. Let’s learn more about Sally.

Sally works with a variety of materials to create her whimsical creatures.

Sally works with mixed media to create her whimsical creatures.

Who are you? Tell us about your fiber journey.
I consider myself a mixed media artist who found interest in fiber when I acquired 3 Southdown lambs a
few years ago. I have taking classes in millinery wool felted hats at Haystack and recently I’ve been working with recycled wool and paper to make rabbits. I have bags full of wool just waiting for my hands to pull it out. I enjoy including fiber in my work, but I think of myself more as a mixed media artist, a jack of all trades who adds constantly to my bag of tricks.

Sally and two fiber friends will offer a Saturday evening class to dress pre-made bunnies!

What’s integral to your work as an artist?
In my work I get most of my inspiration from the animals around me. I am ever observant of nature and animals in my environment.

What’s your favorite piece of work that you’ve created?
My most favorite piece I have made, was a Julie Arkell inspired piece, a papier mache boat of 3 lambs “Who Have Gone A Stray.”

Sally Savage with her friend, Julie Arkell.

Sally Savage with her friend, Julie Arkell.

What is your most important artist tool?
My camera. It helps me to look at my work at different stages.


What would your Fiber College students be surprised to know about you?
For years I could never speak in public.

Meet Francise!

Meet Francise!

How do your balance your work self and your creative self?
Sometimes when I feel frustrated, I know that is the time I need to go into my studio & make something
with my hands.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
When I started taking workshops, my fabric teacher fostered the approach nothing was ruined by a
mistake, you just used it as an opportunity to be more creative.




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