Teaching at Fiber College

Would you like to go to a place that is magical?

Where you can walk around exploring nature, see people laughing, being filled with excitement, talking about what they have learned and made!

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Maryly Matthewman, Creative soul extraordinaire!

I often ask myself how I stayed in dental hygiene for 36 years doing the basically the same job over and over. The answer was The Stories. The Stories of the people who came in for treatment. I really enjoyed my last 11 years of work as it was in a clinic in our town dedicated to the underserved in our community. That is when I really heard stories. Stories of beaten women, neglected children, homeless men and families. So, why do I like to do workshops? I love to hear knitting stories, family stories, people stories. It is why I like to volunteer at our jail and now our local women’s shelter. Fiber College provides a beautiful environment to share thoughts, past experiences and future plans. The workshops I will be proposing this years will incorporate techniques for telling a story in knitting. Tell me your story. Thanks, Maryly

Santa Steve

Santa Steve Schreurs teaches Chainmail

I can not recommend highly enough for someone to be an instructor at Fiber College. The camaraderie of the event is infectious and helps all of us provide the best classes we can. The setting on the Maine coast is relaxing and inspires creativity. One of the characteristics that I like best about our students is that they want to be in our classes and are eager to learn. One of the highlights of my year is teaching at Fiber College. Although I teach in many settings and many topics, Fiber College is special because I am teaching a topic I love and all of the other instructors are doing the same. Come join our family and teach at Fiber College.

Santa Steve

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Instructor Jacquie Chalmers

Fiber College is such a happy environment, when you meet with your students and we are laughing and talking about the day and the excitement of learning a new skill of tatting with yarn. I love sharing my passion of what I am teaching and seeing them learning a new skill. It makes my heart be filled with joy knowing they have learned what was being taught and thinking of ways of using this new skill.

This is my memory of Fiber College and why I look forward to teaching and coming back each year, to experience the magic, seeing old friends and making new ones! To experience the fulfillment of having your creativeness met and meeting others that are experiencing that same satisfaction and wonder! I look forward to seeing you this new year of 2015!

Sincerely yours,

Jacquie Chalmers

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Instructor Amelia Poole sharing the magic of Indigo

I was thrilled to be an instructor at Fiber College in 2014.  To teach inspired and inspiring students in an idyllic setting is a fabulous experience.   I am still in contact with most of my students and new friends.
I loved being in a place so infused with fiber-related creativity and enthusiasm.  No one batted an eye when I walked around covered with dye and threads with two pairs of scissors in my back pocket.  It’s home!
Amelia Poole
Instructor Amelia Poole (left)and student show the results of eco-printing workshop

Instructor Amelia Poole (left)and student show the results of eco-printing workshop

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