A quick postcard

Hi All,

I hope this moment finds you peacefully playing with your fiber goodies while you plan holiday menus and gatherings with friends.  We’re still on such a high from September’s Fiber College that it’s odd to be playing with the fluff we bought in the sunshine while looking out at the snow.

Howa is the "go to girl" for all of the wedding henna glory!  Could this be done on cloth?

Howa is the “go to girl” for all of the wedding henna glory! Could this be done on cloth?

The success of our Gee’s Bend encounter is still a mainstay of our conversations and a week hasn’t passed without someone asking us “what will we be doing next year?”  We’re still sifting through the details but we now know that a cultural context for the arts we learn adds a dimension we hadn’t counted on…and we’ll be fermenting this idea for years to come.  In the meantime, we’re starting to think about classes and would love to hear about an instructor you’d like to learn from…let your imagination soar and send us any ideas that come to mind.

In the past weeks we’ve been talking with a group of Somalian refugees and learning about their basket making, henna designing and cooking…what do you think?

P.S. When you get your 2015 calendar, don’t forget to mark September 9-13…Fiber College!

2 thoughts on “A quick postcard

  1. I’m excited for Fiber College in September! I’ve only been in attendance the last two years, so maybe this idea has been done…but I am interested in warp dyeing and weaving with dyed warps. Blazing Shuttles makes beautiful warps and teaches interesting ways to weave with dyed warps. I’m sure there are local people doing similar work, maybe there could be a class in this, or a demo?

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