You Can Make Your Fiber Story SING!

You too can make your fiber-related photos POP!

You too can make your fiber-related photos POP!

There are days when I just can’t pull myself off of the computer what with so much to learn from other fiber folks and so many shopping opportunities all related to fiber. Online bloggers pique my interest and help me to hone my fiber skills at the same time. Links to You Tube videos put me in touch with just what I need if I get stuck with a certain technique. How many of us spend lots of time online shopping for fiber of every kind, fiber tools (spindles, wheels, looms, knitting needles), hand-made garments, enticing patterns, and more? Some online vendors present their wares with fabulous photography that makes their products pop off the screen. Those are the vendors I return to again and again. In recent months, I’ve joined nearly a dozen Facebook fiber groups (knitters, spinners, weavers, fiber equipment sales, etc.) and the photos shared lure me to new patterns and equipment quite seductively. When a member of any of these FB groups asks a question and receives dozens of answers and lots of encouragement, I’m amazed at how much I can learn as I read along.

Want to more effectively showcase your fiber work to share with others? If you blog, you certainly want your message to be clearly stated and visually stimulating. If you market products, supplies, tools, fiber animals, finished projects, don’t you want to have the best quality photographs and inviting text to tell your story and to increase sales? If you have questions to ask or examples to share on any of a number of Internet sites (including fiber-related Facebook pages), you can make them sing! On September 5th, Gale Zucker and Beverly Army Williams will lead an all-day Friday session: Savvy Storytelling: Photography and Blogging for Fiber Artists. Gale and Beverly will help you to tell YOUR story through hands-on camera and writing activities. What an opportunity! Don’t miss out! You can register here.


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