2014 Fiber Colleges Classes are Posted!

Please go to our website:  http://www.fibercollege.org  to read all about this year’s course offerings! We know you’ll be as thrilled as we are about the wide variety of classes we’re offering. Registration will open on April 1st. Starting in a couple of weeks, we will begin to post artist profiles here on our blog. The profiles can help you to decide what classes to take. Registration will continue right up to September 3rd (as space permits). Have fun dreaming and planning!

7 thoughts on “2014 Fiber Colleges Classes are Posted!

  1. I am so disappointed that, unless I enroll for a Wednesday/Thursday class, I will have no Thursday class options. In the past, we have driven up Wednesday afternoon and started classes Thursday morning. Now we would have to come up Tuesday, meaning another day off from work and another night’s lodging, to take advantage of any of the fabulous 2 day options.

    • Hi Mary,
      We feel your pain…those new classes are awesome! The expansion into two day classes is the result in a large number of students requesting “more”: more depth, more advanced projects, more “meat”…classes that needed to be 2 days in length. To balance the reality that many don’t have the luxury of leaving the work week early, you’ll notice that we expanded the number of full day classes we’re offering Friday, Saturday and Sunday. All of us who plan Fiber College try to walk that balance beam of “perfect”…what’s perfect for 200+ students? We always want to hear your feedback and will make any accommodations we can.
      Astrig on behalf of the entire Fiber College planning committee

  2. Thank you thank you THANK YOU!! We asked and you heard us!!! I can’t WAIT for the Wednesday/Thursday intensive classes!!!! I think it’s great that you will be able to offer a few days with slightly more advanced or labor intensive projects and I love that you have a nice mix of 1 day, 1/2 day and 2hr classes to choose from Friday-Sunday. This will be an exciting 9th year! Yahoo!!!!

  3. We’re so pleased that you’re excited about our W/Th intensive classes. We worked hard to expand our offerings. It’s going to be a grand year, indeed!
    Kathe on behalf of the Fiber College team

  4. A question – Are you planning on having the fiber swap again this year? I did not see it listed in the extra/evening events. Please advise. Thank you.

    • Hi Laura,
      This year the planning group decided to forgo the fiber swap and try the pick up classes on Friday night; you’ll also note that the Fiber Gab has been moved to the art studio to give everyone more time/space to catch up and work on projects. We’d love to hear from everyone: do you want the Fiber Swap back on the schedule?…we’ll be able to make adjustments according to the desires of attendees.

      • Good Morning Astrig,

        I would love to see the Fiber Swap back on the schedule. And if other attendees have the same opinion and it could be worked in somehow that would be great. Either way it will be wonderful to be attending Fiber College and seeing you again in September – if not before! Thank you very much!

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