Curious about What the Jury Saw?

Fiber College Maine 2014

Fiber College Maine 2014

Every year a panel of 6 Fiber College participants & organizers choose the classes to be offered in September through a jury process.  It takes two days to assemble the slide show and paperwork.  On the appointed day, the committee looks at every picture, hears each teacher’s proposal and initially puts the class into one of three categories:  yes, maybe and no.  The “yes’s” are the easiest part…the slide jumps right off the TV screen and makes everyone in the room smile.  The “no’s” are easy too…without speaking, everyone in the room seems to understand that the proposal is out-dated, tired or too recently offered to be competitive.  The “maybes” make us squirm.  Sometimes the photograph is fantastic but the description is cryptic, sometimes a class hits a chord with one or two members of the jury and the other members feel tepid at best and sometimes everyone is in complete agreement that we love the class but question the logistics of turning it into a reality.

Fiber College of Maine 2014   Fiber College Maine 2014

Being on the jury takes courage because you’re asked to offer opinions and sometimes challenged to defend them against others who feel as strongly in the opposite direction.  None of us are new to fiber arts and we have all “put ourselves out there” in other settings.  Compassion and appreciation reigns when we debate the merits and drawbacks of every class.  Sometimes the final decision is made for the sake of “balancing” the class list…how much knitting is enough?  do we have enough beginner classes? advanced classes?  never seen before classes? and sometimes we table of few with the hope that once the schedule is made we can “squeeze another one in.”

Part 1- Fiber College Jury Show, 2014

Part 2- Fiber College Jury Show, 2014

This year we winnowed 150 class proposals into 50 slots…a herculean task.  On March 26th we’ll have the classes listed on the website.  April 1st registration will open.  We’re all looking forward to learning what you think!

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