Survey Results~ Part Four

Friendly mentoring

Friendly mentoring

This year marked a turning point for Fiber College…at least for me (Astrig). The energy shifted and blossomed. It’s always been electrified with creativity and friendliness but this year a third component manifested itself…deep relaxation. I’m not the only one to have noticed, un-prompted by me, others wrote or spoke about how good it felt just to walk or sit around and absorb the energy. I know I’m tiptoeing the tightrope of too esoteric but I hope you understand what I mean…we’ve always said that our mission was to build community and improve the world through our creativity…and this year “our world” shined a little brighter than ever before.

In the survey we asked, “What was your favorite moment?” Filtering out the very kind comments made about specific classes (these are being passed on directly to individual instructors), you said:

Spinning hoops, dreams, color and friends

Spinning hoops, dreams, color and friends


Meeting other creative women and being inspired yet again!
I was delighted to find such a diversity of people attending — really from all over New England. I thoroughly enjoyed eating lunch at the picnic tables (food vendors were outstanding, by the way) and listening to people describe where they’re from, what they do for work, what classes they are taking, etc.
Spending time with fiber artists.
Meeting old friends that are attending workshops, shopping, vending. Checking out others crafts.
I love meeting people and admiring their talents!
Meeting others of like minded interests (6).
The people that attended and the friendships made
staying up late knitting with a new friend in the Artist’s Studio.
Seeing old friends and making new ones!

Hand skills foster brain cells

Hand skills foster brain cells


Learning a new skill and sharing my skills with others.
The class I took with Katherine Cobey, and the opportunity to meet so many amazingly talented and creative people in one place.
The class offerings and who might be teaching
Great classes which keep the skills alive!
The workshops. This was special, as it was a get away weekend with my daughter.
The variety and quality of the classes (3).
Opportunity to try new crafts in a wonderful environment with creative, friendly colleagues; Learning something new (3)
workshop i attended
The classes and the vendor booths
class content
Friendship trip…I come to Fiber College with 2 very dear friends. Although we have some similar fiber interests, your choice of classes is so extensive, that with only one exception, we were in different sessions every day.
Getting some professional help as a starter on wood carving. The tools required, and the techniques used were very helpful.

Hand skills foster brain cells

Hand skills foster brain cells


Engaging people to teach them about the wonderful fiber of alpaca in a relaxing atmosphere
the people, the offerings, the location
The creative classes, great students, the fun atmosphere, the helpful workers, delicious food, wonderful campsite, and beautiful scenery!
Hard to say which is most special….the people, the place, the opportunity to learn from a variety of teachers…the amazing feeling of connectedness and community….the lack of outside distractions….having a place where my weird talents can find a home 🙂
The color

Why doesn't everyone want to create with color and light?

Why doesn’t everyone want to create with color and light?

That’s a hard question, all of Fiber College is special. I just love the collective energy of so many like-minded people.
More than one for sure. First – Making friends with the angora goats – what sweeties they are. Secondly – the beach was lovely. And everyone was so friendly – what a great fiber community you have created!!!
We camped with my cousin and her husband and had a great time
The location was beautiful and the organizers were wonderful too.


A new hat and a 5 dollar bill

The relaxed friendly atmosphere. The after classroom get togethers. Pot luck, dinner by the bonfire.
I have many and no special one but I will give a few. The bunkhouse, potluck dinner, bonfire on the beach, the yoga cabin…
I like the grounds and the goats {;) and the ocean
The atmosphere is magical it makes for a relaxed but learning environment . I just like being there
It was a great experience , so well organize. A real treasure, the location is perfect and lovely people.

The joy of "getting it"

The joy of “getting it”

My favorite moments? Standing in the middle of everything when classes let out and see people holding their new projects in their hands…it’s as close as we adults get to being children again, simply feeling the joy of making something special while amongst friends and supportive leaders.

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