Late Fall Blues

Photo by Cheryl Gammon...dip a yellow skein (dyed with golden rod) in blue and you get Joanna's gorgeous green

Photo by Cheryl Gammon…dip a yellow skein (dyed with golden rod) in blue and you get Joanna’s gorgeous green

Many of you know that Fiber College sponsors an artist in residence series during the summer camping season.  Many of our beloved FC instructors have spent a week in residence~ Ellen Mason, Sarah Haskell, Steven Shuerers,  Maryly Matthewman, Blake Hendrickson and Tom Cote to name just a few.  Real art is a big part of the Searsport Shore vision and we’re thrilled to have it flow over into the months that we’re closed.


Wish you could see our blue fingernails!

In October, the fabulous natural dyer and spinner Jackie Ottino Graf suggested that we try a late fall indigo workshop for folks who were simply too busy in the summer to get away for a few hours of colorful play.  We both knew it would be a roll of the dice because November weather is fickle and inclined to cold/miserable but the women we were thinking of all lived in state and were all too familiar with the gamble…we won the weather lottery this weekend and spent a glorious day dyeing all we could find a 100 shades of blue.


Jackie gets her gorgeous results with a combination of precision and countless hours of practice

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