Survey Results~ part two

In the past decade there has been an explosion of fiber festivals and gatherings around the United States and Canada.  Since the very beginning, we’ve built Fiber College on three very specific goals: 1.  Be the best education focused venue on the East Coast 2.  Foster community and sharing…the hands-on, touch your shoulder, pull-out your project kind of sharing that will never, ever happen in the cyber world and for must of us, doesn’t happen often enough in our real worlds, and 3.  Contribute to the prosperity and self-sustainability of artists/teachers, vendors/farmers and Fiber College itself.  We’ve always had a vision of being here for decades and we want to grow old with our friends of every age.

Amy Felske and Friend

Amy Felske and Friend

When we asking about your most memorable moment, we were looking to understand the part of the College that lodges in your heart and brings you joy.  We meant this question to be extremely personal.  Different from the other question “What was your favorite part of the College?” and we’ll share those results on Friday.

57 people have responded to the survey now…and you said:

“I was a bit disappointed with the down time before dinner (I was visiting the college alone), but it worked out great as I met a group of ladies that enjoy weaving and they gave me some tips and answered some of my questions, as I am a beginning weaver.”

“Walking around and seeing the demonstrations and wonderful fiber projects made by others”

“Getting a tour of Louise Turner’s RV, all decked out for crafting”

“Almost impossible to pick just one…the music, the bonfire, meeting amazing women. I loved it all!”  “We again love the atmosphere and relaxed environment. I think this allows a more open concept, not rushed, and people do not feel rushed.”

“I’ve camped here before in my RV, and as always the most memorable thing is walking through the woods along the ocean.”  “Taking a walk thru the woods and on the beach on Sunday morning in the rain, thinking about how much fun I had had”  “I enjoyed the down time of walking the trails, beach, and sitting under the “canopy” with the chairs and pillows. Very restful!”

“My most memorable moment was seeing the finished  yarn that I dyed in yellow and pink – OMG!!! it was wonderful.  I want to work with it, but am still enjoying looking at it in the skeins. ”

“It’s entirely personal, but I spent some quiet time knitting on the beach thinking about my mom.  She was my knitting teacher, and she passed away last year”

“I attended the fashion show and the teacher reception following it and was very happy that I attended both”

“I really liked the wine and cheese and book signing! ”  “The cocktail hour!”  “I enjoyed the Sat. night wine reception with the authors and of course, dinner on the beach!”  “The chowder night was fabulous.  There is little chance to get to know new people while in class and that night really encouraged it and succeeded.  ”

“Sitting in the sun by the honeybee hive spinning my new treasures”

“Stuffing doll heads with Amy during lunch”

“Having short visits with others at so many of relaxing venues around the park. ”

“Getting a drive with the friendly golf cart drivers.  So very helpful!!!!”

“Pulling into the park and saying ahhhhh I am here.”

See you on Friday for a summary of Favorite Moments and #1 Suggestions for change


3 thoughts on “Survey Results~ part two

  1. All of the comments were wonderful. I just happened into the event as I am local. met some really nice people hanging out on the porch. They extended their knowledge about spinning. And Guess What? I now have a spinning wheel and a drum carder to process the fibers of my alpacas I got as a gift from hubby this year and He just bought me 3 more!! Thank you fiber college for letting someone hang out and see another side of life! I am Hooked!

  2. Thank you Astrig for the leadership and hosting of the Fiber College. Your wonderful campground filled the incredible teachers, displays, fibers, friends, vendors, and camaraderie. It was such a treat to engage with the students at the fiber festival. From hula hoops to soup at sunset, delightful……… and I am so sorry that I don’t have my notes with me right now, but a fiddler joined me at my tent and spent the morning sharing her love of music. Incredible! I always say no more yarn, but that is never true. Thank you for a great event. Looking forward to next year already. Jo Eaton Nantucket Bagg Company

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