The Survey Results are Coming in

No one could refute that Fiber College is an organic festival that grows, shifts and morphs with the input of fiber folks who “get it.” Get what? Get that e want to be the best educational gathering on the East Coast…celebrating joyful exploration in the September colors of coastal Maine. With 8 years under our belt, we’ve added heated classroom spaces, improved communication with students, teachers, vendors and casual walk-ins, created a fantastic free demonstration program and fostered community with evening events and plenty of places around the beach and gardens to hang out and chat.

The Dye Tent with Ellen pre-registration required

The Dye Tent with Ellen Mason…no pre-registration required

One week ago we e-mailed a Fiber College survey with 7 questions to 184 people who attended the College this year. It took participants approximately 11 minutes for the survey and we appreciate that 54 people responded to the following questions:

When you’re thinking about Fiber College, what is the most special part for you?

We are considering adding more advanced two day classes on Wednesday and Thursday; is this something that you would be interested in? The 12 hour classes would cost $240 and include gatherings after hours of some sort.

Would you be interested in a pre-purchased meal plan?

What is the #1 change you’d like made at Fiber College 2014?

We are considering modifying the Shopper’s Boulevard hours and would like your thoughts.

What classes/teachers would you like to see offered next year?

Finally, with so many things happening all over the park, we were wondering…what was your most memorable moment?

Is there anything else you’d like to tell us?
Can you think of a better souvenir the Wind Spun yarn from Hope Spinnery?

The warm tones of Fall

As of today 52% of those who received the e-mail opened it. Of the responses we have, 78% of you would be interested in an in-depth, 2 day class (Wednesday and Thursday) depending on what was offered. 28% are interested in pre-purchasing a meal plan. As for the Shopper’s Boulevard hours, of those who responded 44% would like us to expand the hours and 43% think that they are just fine the way that they are. No one so far has wanted us to contract the hours.

If you haven’t already responded, you have until November 1st…we’d love to hear from you. On Wednesday I’ll share some of the Most Memorable moments you wrote to us about and on Friday we’ll share the changes you’d like to see and then on Monday, in preparation for the November planning meeting, we’ll summarize all of the results as best we can.
Cheers from a sunny window in Searsport,
PS…have you written next year’s dates on your calendar yet? Fiber College of Maine: September 3-7, 2014
Fly Tying with Erik Anderson

Fly Tying with Erik Anderson

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