Free Classes at Fiber College

New Road Banner...a collaborative effort of Marty Elkin's Needle Felt, Susan Tobey White's painting and Steven's engineering.

New Road Banner…a collaborative effort of Marty Elkin’s Needle Felt, Susan Tobey White’s painting and Steven’s engineering.

Free classes! Comment here or send us an e-mail to and tell us what class you’d like to take and why it should be free for you.  You’ll find class information here. On Wednesday September 4th the scholarship selection committee will announce this year’s recipients. These funds have been generated by the sale of raffle tickets for the great wheel donated by Gary Kitchen and Bill Forbes.

One thought on “Free Classes at Fiber College

  1. I would love to take Judith Durant’s knitting with beads class! I have toyed with knitting with beads a wee bit, and could really benefit from an in-person experience with a pro. Why should I get the class for free? Well, I’ve already registered for 3 classes and will be volunteering for four hours on Sunday. I am a very active community volunteer providing transportation for shut-ins to appointments, cancer fighters to therapies, delivering Meals on Wheels each Monday, and providing music (handchimes!) to two nursing home facilities monthly. Attending FC is a huge deal for me because I rarely, if ever, take time just for me. I’d love to be able to spend Thursday doing something I know I’ll love!

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