Artist Interview: Suzanne Larson


Is there a better way to spend a Sunday morning in September?  This is the class project.

Is there a better way to spend a Sunday morning in September? This is the class project.

Suzanne came to our world blazing with energy and enthusiasm.  To me, she’s quintessential “Boston Burbs” and we love her for her rapid fire talk, her can-do demeanor and her willingness to pour a glass of wine with a friend.  To those of you who spend time on Ravelry, she’s PuppyLove…we are ever grateful that Suzanne volunteered to be our group moderator and the board has been better run since she turned her attention to it three years ago.  We’ve asked her to submit class proposals every time we see her latest creation, finally she acquiesced and will be teaching Introduction to Entrelac on Sunday Morning

 Larson Pearson 36


What is your background?

I began doing needlework as a young girl cruising the Coast of Maine with my family on a Pearson 36.  There were a lot of quiet nights and foggy mornings to be filled.  I started with needlepoint, painted canvas and beautiful wool and moved on to crochet, counted cross-stitch and knitting.  In more recent years I have learned to spin and weave.  Through spinning I have developed a new respect for fiber.


How does your early work differ from what you are doing now?

My early work was quite simple.  Now, I challenge myself to learn new techniques and stitches and use them in my knitting.


How do you develop your own style?

There are so many great designers, I love to read patterns and take “this” from one and add it to “that” from another.


How often do we forget about texture in knitting?

How often do we forget about texture in knitting?


If a good friend were to describe your style, what would he or she say?

In our knitting group I have been known as the ‘sweater knitter’…lately I have added shawls to my knitting and teaching schedule.


What project has given you the most satisfaction and why?

My Entrelac jacket.  This is a technique that intrigued me when I saw the pattern more than 10 years ago.   I purchased the yarn and pattern, went home and started the jacket…this was long before all the entrelac books and patterns became available.  I still wear it with pride!


We all envy this beautiful coat!

We all envy this beautiful coat!


Where do you imagine your work in five years?

Teaching and designing.  Nothing makes me happier than teaching beginners how to knit…it puts smiles on everyone when they ‘get it’.

At a party, how do you introduce yourself in response to the inevitable question: “so what do you do?”

My ‘day job’ is  ‘office manager’, but my first love is knitting.  I dream of traveling in search of fiber farms, shops and fiber-lovers!


What is your dream project?

To design my own Gansey.  I am researching the old fisherman patterns and hope to design a sweater with my own stitch patterns.


What wouldn’t you do without?

My needles    …and stash.


We all love to collect

We all love to collect


What kind of creative patterns, routines or rituals do you have?


After dinner is made and the dishes are done I unwind with my knitting or spinning. 

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