We’ve never done it before!  We have a few opening for classes that have been paid for but  a couple of attendees have had life get in their way…so we want to make lemonade out of lemons.  Write a comment to the blog and tell us about your fiber passion and the classes you’d take if money is no object…on Wednesday we’ll contact you if we can give you a free class…and our fingers are crossed for everyone!  Please spread the word to every fiber enthusiast that you know we’d love for everyone to attend.

5 thoughts on “BIG, BIG, BIG

  1. I was so disappointed when I realized that !. I couldn’t attend this year because my husband has been out of work with an injury for a year and is still unable to work so our income has been cut by over 2/3rds AND 2. it is the weekend of my daughter’s wedding! September 8th! THAT is exciting. BUT I still have Sunday available and I would love to take the class on silk ribbon embroidery class and/or the mandala class. I was afraid to sign up as I new I shouldn’t spend the money and I was afraid I would be too exhausted after the wedding:) BUT I love Fiber College:)

  2. I am a mixed media fiber artist / art quilter. I would love to learn more about hand stitching and embroidery for my work. I wanted to sign up for the embroidery sampler class Saturday afternoon but the funds are not there for me just now. I would love a free pass to this class!

  3. I would love to take the sunday afternoon spinning class, Spinning Funky Fibers… I started to spjn less than a year ago with the desire to spin my own art/funky yarn… That is what I would like to domif I were chosen for this free class give away!! I have become a fiber addict, I started my fiber addiction with rug hooking years ago, have crocheted and knitted for most of my life… Spinning is a way for me to come full circle with my fiber addiction..

  4. I would love to attend the Sunday afternoon’s Spinning Funky Fibers class. I have been hooked on fiber since I was introduced to penny rugs and then rug hooking.. I have crocheted and knitted since I was young. Spinning has become my latest passion.. I love that I can spin the wool into yarn that I can knit/crochet into any creation!! I learned how to spin so I could create my own funky art, I think this class will help me to achieve this..

    I left a reply earlier and it has since dissappeared, please delete if this shows up as a duplicate reply.

  5. My sister Kris Bridges is flying over from Ireland today especially for Fiber College! We have already signed up for two classes each and the cost of another on top of the air fare would be a bit over the top! We both had wanted to take the Knitting Together class with Katharine Cobey but it was full very early on. If there are openings we would love to be part of that group!

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