Maryly Matthewman

I know that I tend to fall in love with the majority of our instructors…and fervently hope that our relationships will strengthen over the years because the greatest thing about Fiber College are the souls that participate…either by teaching or as students (not that this doesn’t overlap ALL the time).  Maryly is the banner example of a woman who I hope will stay in my life until I’m old and gray and don’t care about the hairs sprouting on my chin.

Maryly lives on Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire and since she retired from her “day job” she’s devoted her talents to making colorful stitches, exploring her Latvian heritage through wool and teaching prison inmates (and others) how to knit and listen.

Last year her Latvian Braid class was a runaway hit and this year she’ll be teaching a full day session on mini-mittens…a way of cramming lots of techniques into the single Thursday class.  Her lucky students will walk away with colorful images dancing in their heads and fingers itching to continue techniques that look complicated but are really simple when you know the tricks.

Here’s her interview…just a glimpse into this energetic, wonderful woman’s life…

When I was 16 I thought 60 years old was ancient and I knew alot more than any 60 year old!

My favorite time of day is the time I can knit, listen to an audiobook and drink a glass of Cabernet. Have you heard Sarah’s Key?

Book that changed my life was Siddhartha by Herman Hesse. Age 19, second year of college in Boston, January, 1973.

Guiltiest pleasure- well I do not accept guilt anymore but my pleasure is ice cream in downtown Meredith, NH., by Lake Winnipesaukee.

My very favorite item of clothing are my old ragged cotton sweatshirts, dried on the line so they are scratchy and smell that fresh smell.

I still get nervous when I make a phone call. I am phone phobic. Love email

I have a daily practice of honoring my very first sip of coffee. My favorite coffee now is from Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans, made with chicory.

Art tool I can not live without is knitting needles.

Words I live by? “There is a road no simple highway between the dawn and the dark of night. And if you go no one may follow, that path is for your steps alone.” From my favorite song for years, Ripple by The Grateful Dead

Can’t get cold enough

What makes me happy? Many things but for one, COLD and SNOW!!

The lesson I keep learning is that Karma is real.

You can never have enough blue, green, purple yarn.

My yard and house is my favorite spot on the planet. Right in the middle of NH. Privacy, quiet, open space, beautiful views and safe.

At this point Whole living means giving back to my community. I have been volunteering knitting time at our local jail once or twice a week for about 18 months. I learn alot from these girls and they love telling me their stories. I also mentor an underserved young girl in our community through The Circle Program. WE meet twice a month and just chat and do things she would like to do.

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