Cynthia McGuirl…Dancing in Swirls of Color

Cynthia first came to our attention as a serious artist a few years ago when we stumbled upon her weavings which combine fibers that shrink at different rates causing the fabric to shimmer and drape in a 3-D texture that stands out from the crowd.  And then we started appreciating her sense of color…and the way she moves it across the surface of the fabric.

Last year she taught a sold out class in painting on silk, this year she will again teach a full day class on silk painting (Thursday 9 AM-4 PM) and she has added much sought after Marbling sessions on Saturday afternoon.

In typical Cindy fashion, she responded to our questions with lovely simplicity:

When I was 16 I thought… I would go to Art School to study painting.  I did, but ended up in sculpture, then fiber.  Now I pretty much combine them all!

My favorite time of the day is… late morning.

Proudest career moment… my gallery show of etchings: Armenia: A Remembrance.

The song/book/movie that changed my life… too many to list! I am a bookaholic.

Guiltiest pleasure… wearing the coat below.

My favorite item of clothing… a fake fur jacket made in Iran that I purchased at a yard sale.  It is amazing silk pile made to look like a white tiger skin.

I still get nervous when… speaking in public.

Daily practice… tai chi.

The art tool I couldn’t live without… my brain.

Words I live by… I think I can make that.

What makes me happy… having time with nothing I HAVE to do.

The lesson I keep learning… everything worth doing takes dedication, practice, and a fearlessness of mistakes.

You can never have too many… tools…

Favorite spot on the planet… my home in Thomaston!

Whole living means… a balance of time for family, art, chores and work.

To see more of Cindy’s work visit her website and pssst, Cindy…we’re hoping you’ll be adding a creation or two to the KnitMaine~ia Fashion Show on Thursday night

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