From our window in Searsport

Hi Everybody…we’re enjoying a bright day of sunshine (after months days of variably rainy weather) and it feels marvelous…hope things are as good in your world.

The Campground has been so busy that although tons of things have been happening for Fiber College, we’ve only been able to post snippets on the Facebook page…if you haven’t already “liked” us  please do and you’ll feel more in the loop…FB is like sending a text to friends and we seem to do it more often…besides, you’ll get notices every time we post an instructor interview (more about this later in the letter)

Just the other day Sharon Fischer dropped in to say hi…she’s been working on a host of embroidery projects and looks terrific.  Life was crazy that day and we didn’t have a lot of time to chat so we’ve made tentative plans to have lunch in a few weeks when she heads back to her Bayside cottage from her Boston home.


FC’s co-director Emma carving a portrait of Santa Claus

Emma’s been up with Tom Cote carving all week with campers who are promising to come back to Fiber College this fall.  We’ve also been talking about devoting the last week of June to wood workers of all sorts next year.  Sitting around a table with fish & chips and cold beer the other day, we all agreed that a wood working spin-off (ha-ha) of Fiber College is logical and the time as come to bring the next chapter of our passions to life…we’ll work out the details later and I’ll have information by the beginning of the year.  So far we’ve made connections with wood carvers, wood turners and maybe an iron forge to make tools for wood workers (maybe a wool worker too?)


In the meantime, class registrations for Fiber College are strong and spread across the board.  The excitement has been contagious and we look every morning to see new names and familiar names on the student roster.  I’m often asked which classes are the most popular.  This year Cindy Kilgore’s shawl pins and Amy Felske’s soft sculpture classes were the front-runners for “must have” closely followed by Jackie Ottino Graf’s Natural Dyeing classes and anything associated with Katherine Cobey.  The biggest surprise has been the lack of interest in crochet and quilting…any idea why?  Is there someplace we should be spreading the word about these fantastic classes.


Polished to a satin finish, this solid oak walking wheel spins like a dream. Bill Forbes built every component…wood, metal and leather to match the one at the Windsor Historical society. Stop by and visit…Sherry Mead (from NHS&W) gave it a try today…and says it’s a total dream

Had you heard about the two walking wheels that Gary Kitchen and Bill Forbes generously offered to build for us?  One is to be kept here at the art studio to go with the Rio Grande floor loom (generously donated by Susy Perrine) and the other will go home with a Fiber College student (the one who wins the raffle).  The first arrived the other day in Gary’s car.  So far I’ve spun three spindles and I’m a total convert…I love spinning standing up and the long draw feels like magic.


If you’ve followed us in years’ past, you know that we ask each instructor to answer a series of interview questions so that we get to know him or her better…their art, their interests, their background and their smiles.


We’ve sent out a dozen questions and asked for pictures to illustrate the postings…starting tomorrow we’ll share their responses.


In the meantime, have a wonderful weekend…and thanks for all of the supportive comments we’ve been receiving…they mean more than you’ll ever know.


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