New Class Just Added to the Schedule

It has taken us a bit of time to work out the details, but oh what a class this is going to be.  Katharine Cobey and Daina Taimina have agreed to teach a Sunday class together on 3 dimensional expression.  Here’s the class we just posted:

Two Divas With Sticks and Hooks with Katharine Cobey and Daina Taimina

Whether you’re walking through the gardens, along a city street, swimming through the sea or staring up at the clouds, you are internalizing the world through the language of shapes. Are you ready to break out of the two dimensional world and begin creating in three dimensions?

Internationally recognized mathematician Daina Taimina uses a mathematical approach to create shapes with a crochet hook and yarn. Renowned fiber artist Katharine Cobey, once a lit major, communicates what she knows about the world she lives in with yarn and needles…both have something to say, and use fiber as a vehicle of expression. Interestingly for us, although they come from different disciplines they are excited to share their different approaches with us. Join these innovative, articulate women in a hands-on exploration of shapes and colors. Use knitting or crocheting to liberate your creativity and enter the world of three dimensions. With the right tools, attitude and skill set, you can translate the forms of your world into stitches.

This class is for those who want to break out of the recipe book and into unique expression. Basic knitting or crochet skills are required. Bring a stash of needles or hooks, and yarn to work with. Think wire, wool, or anything else that can be formed into knitted or crocheted stitches. Also bring a sketch pad, pencils and erasers. 

FMI  and scroll down to Sunday’s classes.

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