Faith Garrold

Faith Garrold should be a dean in the Fiber College administration.  She helps to keep our counts straight, she has answers to so many of our questions…and she’s an accomplished needleworker and enthusiast of all fiber arts.  We truly hope that she knows how much we appreciate the help she and her family gives us to ensure that the weekend runs smoothly.  This year she is sharing her love of hand work by teaching Handstitching the Perfect Star on Sunday afternoon.  If you want a fun, relaxing quilting class with a master mistress of the technique, this is the one for you.

In response to some of our questions, Faith told us this:

If my life were a box of paint-(you mean it isn’t??) I would have to be jewel tones because they sparkle, shine, change yet remain the same! I live on the sunny side of life so would like nothing better than to send reflections of jewel tones back to the world.

First creative efforts:  When I was 10 years old and a new 4-H club member we learned to sew. First clothing project was to be pajamas. I selected a loud plaid cotton which my mother didn’t think was appropriate, but my 4-H leader said I was “just creative”.   I didn’t even know it at the time!  In the 65 years since I have often strayed far beyond the expected, both in clothing construction and in my fiber art work. I am glad that my early attempts were recognized- the lesson has stuck with me!!! Now I will try anything! Combining different media and materials is a challenge I often take on. I prefer hand work to machine so any design that I can adapt to a “take it along” project works for me!

Given all the time I needed I would walk around the world. How else can you get to see all the things we whiz past every day- or meet the interesting people who inhabit this earth with us?  How else could I take the time to learn from others? I would love to have the opportunity to learn fiber art techniques from people in many places. I recently learned two new quilting ideas at a field hockey game!

My favorite art book is Andrew Wyeth’s The Helga Pictures . I never grow tired of looking at the studies and products of this artist, especially his treatment of fabrics in his works.

If I had to choose 5 adjectives for my self they would be calm, friendly, efficient, caring and creative. Putting creative last may seem strange, but I feel it is my other qualities that serve me best in my work. Whether working alone, or teaching others , this describe me best to myself. Others would most certainly find other adjectives as well, but I feel confident they would also agree with my choices.

I do work in the perfect studio! I designed it myself and have the space to work to my heart’s content. I make big messes, clean them up and start something else. I hide my stash in cupboards, baskets and in the attic next door. Fabric, wool, paint, beads, buttons, yarn are in abundance. Although I am basically a hand quilter, I dabble in many media, and have two sewing machines as well as a rug frame! I have a big picture window that looks out over a park and Penobscot Bay where I can sit and pore over the latest magazine or web site. I don’t make my living from my art- but my fiber art makes life worth living!

The last time I laughed at myself was when I read this question! I do it all the time and have a favorite expression- “you might as well laugh as cry!”

I usually have several projects going at a time. Right now I have a rug going for which I opened all the yarn colors I liked and mixed them up in a basket to create a heathery colored product. I am working on the Hawaiian Applique Quilt for which I took the class last year at Fiber College. Recently a friend gave me an heirloom Double Wedding Ring quilt, so I immediately had to find a pattern and try my hand at that! I am working on a second piece called “Quilting with Acrylics”- which I will enter in an Art Show that I am co-chairing in August!


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