Kim Sheehan

Kim blew into our world last year…with a sell-out class on needle felted footstools.  Even more impressive than the quickly sold out class was the number of people that begged, demanded, asked us to do everything in our power to bring her back again in 2011. So we invited her to propose a new project…and again she took our breath away.  Needle felting is cool…3-D needle felting is wicked cool.  There are a few things that stand out in Kim’s class:  The amazing value of her kits, her tremendous skill and ability to nudge her students a step beyond what most expected and her ability to capture the natural world around us while still embracing the inherent qualities of wool and wood.  This year Kim will be teaching Needle Felted Shore Birds on Saturday from 9-1.

In case you didn’t have the pleasure of meeting Kim last year or browsing through her inspiring vendor tent, we asked her a few questions so that you could get to know her a bit.



Presumably you’ve been an artist all your life; when and how did you decide to label yourself as one?

I had to when I began to sell my work, it still sounds odd to me, I don’t care for labels.


If your life were a box of paints, would you be pastel colors, jewel tones, flesh tones or black, white and shades of grey?

Black, white, and shades of grey, that still leaves me somewhere to go.


If you could have any mode of transportation in the world; how would you get from place to place?

Horseback, it would take longer, but it would be worth it.


What is your favorite art related book?

The Art of Disney.


Do you make a living with your art?

It’s not making me rich (yet), but I am doing a lot more ‘living’ than I did when I had a corporate job.


What is your preferred environment when you’re in a creative mood?

In my studio alone with a dog or two, or three…


What do you wish you could do?

I would like to have more opportunities to teach, I really enjoy spending time with students.


If you were forced to give up your current artistic medium, what medium would you pursue next?

I would like to try casting in bronze some day.


Are you currently working in “the perfect” studio? What does your perfect creative space look like? What would we find in

the drawers and cabinets?

I am in the perfect studio, it is attached to my husband’s workshop, that’s like having my own private Home Depot! Between

the two of us I rarely need to go out for anything so I can be more productive. I have a wall of clear bins that are full of

glorious hand dyed wool, a large work table and counter space, and great racks to store various goodies my husband built

for me. I also have a tall file cabinet full of all types of paper so I am ready when the painting or drawing mood strikes me.

Once in a blue moon I think I would like more space, but in reality I would just fill that up too!


When was the last time you laughed at yourself?

This a.m. when I saw myself in the mirror after running for an hour, I had tied a Mickey Mouse kerchief around my head to

keep the sweat out of my eyes, it slid down and was resting on the top of my glasses, not a good look at all!


Want more of Kim?  …you’ll find her on Ravelry (SheehanArtDesign)  You can friend her on Facebook and Fan her page;  she also blogs when she has the chance…you can follow this link.


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