Maryly Matthewman

Maryly is changing the world one knit stitch at a time.  I’ve often thought that it would be a valuable retirement project to teach young women in juvenile detention to dye wool, spin and knit…comfort food for girls who need deep comfort.  I think about it, Maryly does it…she’s teaching knitting at prison.  If I have my way she’ll tell us more about it during Fiber College and we’ll start a mini-movement.  In the meantime, Maryly’s class was the first to sell out this year…BUT…now there’s an empty seat for one lucky person…we had one cancellation so for the moment, there’s one seat left in Latvian Braid, Saturday from 3:00-5:00.

To get to know her better, we asked Maryly 10 interview questions…this is what she said:

I don’t know if I would call myself an artist. I do think I am a knitter now and I felt like a knitter at SPA this past year (the annual NETA gathering of fiber artists in Freeport every February) when I found I could chit the chat and feel very comfortable around some very talented spinners and knitters.

I love this question!  My life as a box of paints would be a blend of blues from Lake Winnipesaukee with touches of green and the colors of the White Mountains and flecks of black and grey of Boston.

My first attempts to be creative were in my childrens’ clothes. Matching outfits for all holidays. Then they grew up.

A Dog sled would be my mode of transport above all others. What fun that would be.

Latvian Mittens” by Lizbeth Upitis is of course my favorite knitting book. I took several classes with Lizbeth Upitis last summer in Boston. She was a delight.

I do not make a living with my knitting. I love to study the mittens of my heritage ~Latvia and Newfoundland. I volunteer at our local jail and nursing home with my knitting. I also teach at our libraries and adult ed.

My preferred environment is the quiet of my house or loft which can vary with the sounds of the outside. I often have an audiobook going. And if it is in the middle of a snow storm with the wind howling-Perfect.

I wish I could swim like a seal.

A New Medium?  More quilting with wool fabric, incorporating embroidery and fleece would be alot of fun.

A day and a discussion with anyone from any time…Oh this is really my favorite question to consider. Gandhi. Spinning lessons with Gandhi and then discussing the world of 2011 would be quite an experience.

After all these years, I only like to have about 2 or 3 projects going. Less clutter in my head.

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