First Annual Fiber College Blog Tour Begins Today!

Blog Tour? Blog Tour!

It’s so exciting…5 blogs in 5 days…and 45 days until Fiber College.  Does anyone follow numerology enough to know if this is auspicious?  It must be…otherwise so many talented people wouldn’t be involved!

Why should you care about this blog tour?  Because it’s interesting…and Because you can win free classes and/or passes for Saturday night dinner with AIR Mary Jane Mucklestone…

Did you just ask what a blog tour is?  It’s like visiting from store to store or state to state from the comfort of your computer…and each day will feature a special FC instructor who maintains an interesting blog that you’ll want to know about anyway.  The tour begins today on Beth Brown Reinsel’s site Knitting Along the Way.

The rest of the week will progress as follows:

OK Fiber College Bloggers!  Here’s the schedule:


Tuesday July 26 Mary Jane Mucklestone  Hand Knitting
Wednesday July 27 Amy Herzog  StashKnitRepeat
Thursday July 28 Ellen Mason  Odacier…It’s fun to be me!
Friday July 29
Gale Zucker  She Shoots Sheep Shots

See you on the tour!

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