Registration is Open

Weaving detail by Janet Doyle

My friends, we made a huge technological leap this year…we made the registration completely digital…just like a “real conference”…you click a few buttons and voila…instantly you know if you got the classes you wanted.  From my end, when I pushed the “activate” button on the software, I simultaneously felt as though I were diving off a cliff in Alcapulco…and that somehow the trumpets of heaven should have sounded off in triumph.  Why is it that there are no trumpets sounding off during these important events?  Such a disappointment. 

Needlefelt by Marty Elkin

BUT…the rush of seeing those applications come in during the first few hours…oh my!  I could have watched the computer all night if Steven hadn’t made me turn it off.  Now the morning after I feel like a football player who won a major game last night…every muscle in my body is sore and I’m stiff…guess I was a bit tense.  Please check out the website and sign up…the best classes are going fast.  If you have any feedback about the sign up process, I’d love to here about your experience…the good, the bad and the “oh please”

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