So much to do…

We can never get enough fiber…the doctors all seem to agree…so here’s three events that popped into my “in-box” during the past week…

1.  Our favorite lady with grace, Kathy Goldner’s company just released a new audio book…her blog gives you all of the details.  If you’re going to SPA in Freeport this weekend you can visit her booth to see all of the wonderful books Knitting Out Loud offers.  Kathy will also be speaking at the Belfast Free Library March 8th…”Stories of Cooking, Gardening and Knitting.”

2.  Wrinkle in Thyme Farm in Sumner Maine is offering a weekend Dye Workshop in March…you’ll find all of the details and so much more on their website.

3.  It’s not an event really…just a fantastically beautiful fiber blog…Check out Kelly Corbett’s Romney Ridge Farm…She’s a warm, bubbly talented shepardess in Woolwich Maine.

One of Kelly's newest troupe members



And of course…we’re celebrating at SPA this weekend…I leave tomorrow and can’t wait to see everyone and what they’ve been making

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