Wrap up Meeting

The core FC committee met this past Saturday to wrap up the bits and pieces of Fiber College 2010…Janice drove up from Southern Maine, Jim came over from Clinton, Dee was just a skip away and I came inland from Searsport…all gathering at Emma’s bright, sunny home in Winthrop.  We broke the agenda down in sections: Attendee comments, classes, demos, artist in residence, volunteers, registration, advertising…you get the idea.  Staying on topic was a bit like herding kittens but we’ve all grown to be such good friends that reining in the conversation was just par for the course.

We all agreed that this was a banner year…before we quantified anything, we all said “the weekend felt good“…and that was enough reason to start planning for 2011.  I don’t have the words to communicate to you how special it is to be with a group of wonderful people who aren’t interested in patting themselves on the back, complaining or crowing…instead, they just want to build on the good and try a new way of solutioning the challenges…I think that’s the definition of generosity.

To hit a few of the highlights: We agreed to limit class offerings to 55 this year, invite a few special instructors to teach all day on Thursday (and have a couple of “wild card slots” for the general jurying session in March).  We also want to implement a few classes that have sessions running through the weekend…maybe three, two/three hour sessions with one instructor where the final outcome is a larger project that is completed at the close of Sunday.  We voted to expand the class list handout to include instructor information, a map of the campground and a complete schedule of the on-going demonstrations.

We agreed that we needed to increase the seating for the potluck supper and that we’d be looking for a larger venue for Saturday night’s dinner and lecture…and want to repeat our thanks to Suzanne (puppylove) and Sara (SaraJWolf) for moderating our Ravelry group…this will be an important part of communication as things begin to firm up next year.

Janice is going to take more control of our “look” and give Fiber College outreach a more cohesive feel…we’re well aware that the FC ambiance is unique and wonderful…but we’ve been so busy finding the best instructors and the best students that we haven’t done as well as we could on the communication/publicity…but that’s about to change…on that note, if you have any pictures that capture the essence of FC…please send them along before November 15th so Janice will have more to work with…it’s part of our growing up process I think.

Janice, Dee, Astrig, Jim...Emma is seated...surrounded by a few of Emma's handwork pieces


Three hours later we went to the kitchen for Jim’s corn chowder and Dee’s triple chocolate brownies and Janice’s apple crisp…wish you could have joined us!

Casting an eye to 2011…we’ll send out a call for classes in January, choose them in March and post them by the beginning of April…same as last year.

One thought on “Wrap up Meeting

  1. Nice picture! Seeing as Emma is running around w/a clip board all weekend, I really appreciate a chance to see her happy handwork!

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