And you also told us:

I am still amazed at how smooth and easy you all make it. I know it takes a lot of planning for that to happen, and I thank you so much for that…Anything that includes more chocolate is great too…The new building looks wonderful. The potluck was fun, the turkey was delicious. (hmm maybe you need a bigger rec room for the potluck dinner…I’m sorry I couldn’t stay the whole weekend, I really wanted to hear Alice Seeger’s talk…I liked the way the vendor alley ran all the way from the pines to the white garage…Have you have invited Penobscot or Malisset basketmakers to teach?  How about rope making?…I heard one tiny comment from someone that there weren’t as many knitting classes this year…~Dawn  Hi Dawn, it’s Astrig…the basket making and rope making ideas are great and we’ll look for instructors for 2011.  If anyone reading this blog has some suggestions, please send them along and I’ll make the contacts…I know of the Abbe Museum who could help with the basket making but I’m not sure about where to start with rope.  I didn’t count so I don’t know for certain but there could have been fewer knitting classes this year…our emphasis was on weaving…and there were so many amazing classes to offer…but next year our artist in residence will be a knitter so expect lots of great opportunities to learn about sticks and string from a couple of “big names.”

A very ambitious project you have undertaken and achieved. Since this was my first year, it was all new to me!…The little animal pens and the animals were a surprise and fun to visit. No matter the number of knitters, each had an established identity and different approach. I toured the garden and inspected the various cement “shrooms, outdoor structures, ongoing classes. I did not make it to any demos…Assistance for setting up for my class was cheerful and immediate. Many ladies that I met had enjoyed at least a couple days there and more than a couple classes. And my own class was easy and fun with four women. One of my students has asked me to keep in touch for maybe some future collaboration…I took my time sampling the food and it was tasty; I am addicted to the caramel at the office counter. Chocolates and yoga next year I would look for but probably not massage. And I am considering the camping experience to enjoy more of the college…Good weather always helps;

I cannot imagine doing some of the things offered in the rain…but I would bet that you are all prepared for the eventuality (most of our preparation comes in the form of sun dances and prayers…well not quite)…So keep in touch and I would be happy to teach a class next year. I think it was a good experience for all…~Linda

Solar Dyeing with Marigolds

I expected the weekend to be a much bigger event with more participants, and was pleasantly surprised that it was actually the “smallness” which made it so special. Every one of the people I met touched me magically, with a heart full of love and wonder in their eyes. All this within the framework of fiber!
My friend Diane had sciatic pain and I performed some ear reflexology which made some people wonder if I would do some yoga, tai chi or reflexology next year. I also think that stretching exercises for hands and shoulders would do wonders for all artisans.  Looking forward to next year~Aloisia
Back to my real life … but still high from FC.  As Astrig said each year has been great but this year was the BEST.  I was of course  sorry to miss half of the college because of Jewish Holidays … it won’t likely be an issue for many years.
Chocolate — yes! — truffles shaped like balls of yarn?

A first carving project!

I though it was really great to incorporate some offering in the area of woodworking and model ship building … and on that note was also struck by how many of the mostly female instructors were partnered with musicians — perhaps we could incorporate a concert or in the spirit of summer camp  a bonfire sing a long in the future.

No Biggie but  – a  few healthier and vegetarian options would have been welcomed to purchase for lunch.
All in all a great experience — this year was the BEST!   thank you all SO much~Sharon

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