Thank you for the great feedback and helpful suggestions!

Friday Potluck Supper

We are transplants from California and did fiber stuff there monthly with the historical group we have belonged to for twenty+ years. When we left we were basically bereft of the group atmosphere. We are much more apt to practice crafts to reach proficiency and try new crafts in such an atmosphere. Thank you for having Fiber College; please continue the good work.  Since our other commitment is an annual demo at Fort Knox (for the historical society), is there a possibility the Fiber college can be another weekend than the one after Labor Day? Then you would have us for the whole weekend…….Larry and Carolyn  Astrig’s reply: sorry, but the only weekend we could fit into the rest of the Fiber World’s schedule seems to be the weekend after Labor Day…earlier and we compete with summer vacations and later we compete with Common Ground Fair, Fryeburg Fair and Rhienbeck…it’s a complicated, political world we live in 😉

I was a newbie to Fiber College this year.  I took Maryjane Mucklestone’s Fair Isle sock knitting class.  Maryjane is an longtime family friend who was my inspiration to take this class since I read her blog and have read about fiber college for the last few years…I had not knit in years and embarrassed myself only a few times… by needing to be reminded how to purl no less!!!  But my hands knew what my head had forgotten and Maryjane fluidly jumpstarted my

Knitting with EGM, MJM and CFT

fingers…The day was packed with learning new and old techniques and I nearly have my first sock completed.  I told Maryjane at the end of the day that I HAD to be the one who learned the MOST since I had the most to learn!  But all seemed to take on new challenges to resolve or explore.

Feed back:
The lunch situation was wonderful but a bit confusing… especially our day- your first- when rations got thin.  But you all were incredibly gracious!… reducing the price and adding pizza mid-afternoon.  It was most charming really.  Thank you.
The only other thing I can think of that might improve would be registering for classes.  It would be wonderful if it could be done online… or even by email.  Doing it by land mail- especially when one has to print out the FULL list of courses checking off the one measly one that I planned to take seemed crazy and awkward.  I printed it out twice and did nothing with it… and finally registered the week before by phone… after I had been pondering sign up for a month.  (Maybe that tells more about me than the process!:>)
Thank you for the wonderful event that you bring to life… and for “magnetizing” a group of folks together with common interests and a variety of skills…Blessings, Bridget  Astrig replies: We’re having a complete committee follow up meeting on October 3rd…and we’ll be talking about the registration process…and we’re kinda hoping we won’t be forced to change because as a completely volunteer group, we’re comfortable with the flexibility mail-in registration gives us…but maybe we could compromise and have an advanced registration by mail in until July 1st and then a phone in system for those who like to procrastinate 😉  part of the problem is the costs involved in on-line registration and credit card processing…but we promise to keep working on the best possible solution.

Peter and I had our usual perfect time at Fiber College. You all did such a stupendous job of creating a warm place for all of us to roost for the weekend.   I’ve mentioned the perfect locations for my classes to take place inspired choices that added so much to the flavor I wanted/hoped for the classes. I loved the informality and open space for vendor area – I had looong conversations with many new and old friends there.

Fair Isle Class with Mary Jane Mucklestone

I loved meeting the interesting mix of women who took my classes. There was such spicy variety and they were all essential to creating very lively classes. I think the carefree mood was helped by your spa – like atmosphere!!

Some thoughts:  I’d like to see feedback forms scattered throughout the space/grounds  so that people can jot a note when they’re relaxed and when the experience is fresh.  Would like a map of the grounds with all classroom spaces noted/named included in the booklet.  Vendors names and contact info included in booklet.

Ask teachers what they need for classroom set up before the event takes  place, (maybe the week before Fiber College starts) so that one can  walk into a classroom knowing that appropriate tables, chairs, etc will be there.

The new log cabin/gallery space is beautiful. I loved talking to Nan about her work. The physical grounds are a joy to walk around – I love the fact that when I look up from checking out some strange and wonderful mushrooms that I see some giant mushroom sculptures that you and your crew have created – everywhere a surprise for the senses!…Linda

This was my second year and I again enjoyed and brought a friend with me. her suggestion was also massage and/or yoga to loosen up after sitting and working on new projects. Things were smooth and well-organized. I had a great time and look forward to next year. I would enjoy a hand embroidery class I attended the needle punch classes and would love to learn more about the hand embroidery. The class I really enjoyed and would love to learn more was the needle felting. This was my first experience and it was enjoyable. I did sit on the beach which was peaceful and I enjoyed the sat night speaker. I came home rejuvenated~ Carol

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