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Note from Astrig…I can’t explain why we’re having trouble up loading pictures…but we are…as soon as I can I’ll embellish this and the last post with photos.

Hi all, Thank You Thank You Thank You…It was MY best Fiber college ever. If each year keeps improving exponentially like this year did, I may just explode into a big cloud of joy dust. I hadn’t realized until well into Saturday afternoon how much I needed this weekend and what a perfect end to another hectic summer it is…One highlight of the weekend for me was Hatie Clingerman. She is so funny and so so creative. I feel so lucky to have had time to get to know her better and find out that her mind appears to be as quirky and off center as mine…The new art studio is stunning and the perfect place to show off Nan Fickett and her menagerie. I like having the studio tents for classes, much more pleasant than the garage and to place them at the end of the aisle of fiber animals was genious…Meeting Mark Dittrick was totally unexpected bonus. A very interesting man and I’m checking out his book on Amazon (used of course). The Kneedlepoint Demo with backup band was lovely. Whoever you paid off for Saturday’s weather – it was so worth it!~ Laurie

The unexpected outcome of my time at FC – I signed up for too many classes, not knowing how intense each would be, how much I would learn, and how concentrated the instruction would be. I absolutely loved the classes – but I had the most fun at Jim’s making small boxes class. I never thought I would dare use power equipment (though on a limited scale). It was fun, challenging, and we came out w/some really beautiful boxes!!! Mine are on display on my dining room table as a centerpiece, of sorts. I have the most admiration of Maryjane Mucklestone and her class on Fair Isle Sox. She designed the pattern just for us!! The colors she chose are exquisite and having never done Fair Isle before – I am loving it!!!!!!! Elizabeth’s (professor from Austin, Texas) class on Knitting our History was amazing. I have yet to read through her hand-out, but trust me – – I will. She taught us several stitches and I will be using the ganzey stitch she showed us on my baby blanket for my second grandson due in November this year. I love it. Hadie’s (?sp) embellishment class on Sunday was truly inspiring. I felt badly for her, that the class ended up being just her and me. I have taken some of her ideas to heart and yesterday embellished a headband w/different yarns and beads (and I’ll think of more) before it is finished, but it is already so lovely. (My hair is thinning and I came up w/the idea of an embellished headband to cover the bare spots). I think that next year you should move her up on the roster – to Fri. or even Sat. – so that people aren’t already thinking about their journey home, while she is inspiring others. Yes, yoga is good and so are massages. I am a salt-lover, so instead of chocolates, I would love to see a vat of potato chips, preferably Cape Cod brand. It was a thought provoking, hands on, sometimes challenging and sometimes just plain fun weekend. Hats off to all of you who worked so diligently on Fiber College.  ~Sandy

Hello! Fiber college exceeded all my expectations. The community atmosphere made me feel that I’d found my tribe J I loved that it was big enough to feel a part of a group and small enough to not be too overwhelming. The classes were wonderful (I took silk on spindles and “spinning wild”). Your campground is comfortable and beautiful. I certainly concur that yoga and massage would be spectacular additions. I would love to see a community project (such as a piecework scarf or other such creation), maybe in a designated area so people could just continue to add as the muse moves~ Jen

Finally, for those who had the pleasure of meeting Sam Jones when she started exploring spinning…check out her website :  She’s now attending the MFA program in Fibers at Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia and will be back in Maine in 2012.

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  1. Greetings from Philly- Astrig, thanks so much for your note- I can’t believe it, but I’m almost finished with my MFA, and will be having my thesis show here at the Tyler School of Art Gallery April 25-28.

    I’ll be updating my web site shortly with my latest work, which has really pushed the limits of my fibers and materials-based practice.:

    At the moment, the city is celebrating Fiber Philadelphia, with some really amazing shows, events, and lectures:

    I’ll be in touch soon, and I look forward to coming home to Maine in June!
    Best wishes to you all,
    -sam jones

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