More of your comments:

Bear with me…I now have 26 pages of responses in our e-mail box and I want to share as much as I can…so I’m randomly choosing and posting your messages until each and every one has found it’s way onto the blog…and I will be responding to your questions and comments as I go along…but I’m working a bit slower these weeks in order to enjoy the pleasures of these fleeting fall days (and process tomatoes and apples for the freezer and a beautiful fleece for a winter sweater).  If something needs an immediate response and I don”t seem to be getting back quick enough, just call 207.548.6059…I’m not far away 😉

Loved the separation of the animal booths and the other booths, it kept things simpler…the goats were wonderful and I wish that I could have taken one or two home…but a bunny from Anna’s is in my very near future…I already have Fiber Colllege 2011 written on my calendar~IN INK…see you then~Cathy

You exceeded my expectations in atmosphere and organization.  I thought you guys were “made” for this kind of thing. 

I think the group is getting too big for the Friday night dinner and swap.  What a nice problem to have   Not sure what you can do about that… let’s see – maybe Steve could build an addition!!!…Conseulo

It was great! I would have gladly paid for a chair massage every day! Yoga or tai chi would be nice. More vendors. More food choices. melissa

I attended the model ship building course conducted by BlueJacket, and found it excellent.
The content and supplies provided were well thought out  and delivered. The instructor was knowledgeable and personable, and he set a challenging, but not too challenging pace. In speaking with other attendees, I learned that they pretty much shared that opinion.
Should follow on courses be given in ship modeling, I would certainly like to attend~ Marcus
I took the course in model boat building at the museum. It was a terrific course, made more enjoyable by the connection to Bluejacket Shipcrafters. I hope you do something similar next year–if so, I will be there.~ Lawrence

Thank you for a wonderful time at Fiber College. I could only be there Saturday afternoon through Sunday morning, but I am so glad I came. It was wonderful. I especially loved the Drafting and Fabric Analysis workshop Saturday afternoon–Sarah is terrific and it is a fascinating skill to learn.

I guess the only thing that was less than perfect for me was the food Saturday night. I don’t eat gluten so lasagna was not a good fit for me, and the salad was really mediocre. I know you are trying to feed the masses on a very tight budget, but I would have been happy to pay $10-15 toward a good dinner. Maybe make the dinner open to all but solicit donations beforehand to improve the cuisine? Sorry to be picky–everything else was so great and really left no room for improvement.

I have an idea for next year and wonder if it appeals to you. I heard so many amazing stories from women and men about their relationship with fiber and its place in their lives. Fiber arts seem to connect people to their feelings, their history, their culture, their families, their bodies, and their intellects in incredible ways. Next year I could bring a video camera and interview volunteers (maybe set up a tent like the demonstration tent) about their fiber stories and make a little video. Would that appeal?

Thanks again. You rock!


Sarah~ You’re right…the salad was barely tolerable…and only because it was a crunchy contrast to the creamy cheese.  We’ll be working on that.  As for the collection of stories, we’ve been batting that idea around for a year now and love it…let’s talk!

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