Ever wanted to simply “try” weaving?

Susy Perrine is a wonderful artist who’s woven work has been exhibited in National magazines and big name galleries…and she’s a Fiber College instructor~ Lucky us! 

We’ve talked many times about how fun it would be if I (or anyone else who has only woven on a tiny loom) could try weaving for an hour or two…to see if it’s something I (or anyone else) would want to invest in…to see if it’s something that only lives in the mind as a craft to create the perfect Zen mind…you understand, don’t you?

Well here’s an opportunity to try…Susan will be set up in the Shopper’s Boulevard area of the College.

Rent a Loom

Create a one of a kind cloth to use in your next fiber art project

Instructions Provided

Four harness looms are set up and ready to weave in plain or twill


weave for 45 minutes – allowing time to take your handwoven piece

off the loom right away


weave for 55 minutes and pick up your woven cloth at the end of the day

Finishing techniques will be shared at 5pm Sat. and will include: zig-zag, rolled hem and knotted

$30.00 per hour, second hour $20.00

Susan Perrine

207 449 2978



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