Beth Berman~ She’s hit her stride

When an instructor found herself unexpectedly expecting a fourth child, Beth kindly stepped up to the plate and agreed to teach a class in Surface Design for fiber artists.  Although we’ll all miss Pam Sluter this year, Beth is a confident, artistic, motivated spirit who is certain to nudge her students out of their comfort zone and into a truly creative place.  Beth will be teaching  Stitch Stamp and Clamp: Surface Design Elements and Techniques on Saturday from 9-1.  At this moment there are still a couple of class seats available. 

She answered our interview questions like this: 

1.The unauthorized biography of my life would be, “I finally got to be the woman I always wanted to be”  All I ever wanted to do was art. Unfortunately my mother forced me to take dance lessons and refused to let me take art classes. However, I am no longer a child, but wait, yes, I am, a child again. When I was a child I didn’t have to work ( right) and could play all day (right) and do anything my heart desired to do (RIGHT). Ah, to be a child again! 

2.I would always chose to be an eraser since I make so many mistakes. Some are interesting and I keep them. Some are horrendous and I now know how to live my life differently. For me, no mistakes = no lessons. Mistakes = happy accidents. 

3.I live with 3 dogs: Aidan, a 9 year old springer spaniel I got as a puppy (my last); Niamh, a midlife black standard poodle I got from a shelter who was afraid of even air and grass and who is now the personification of joy; and Gabby, 5 year old springer spaniel, an owner relinquishment with OCD and anxiety problems (big time). 

4.I just finishedThe Almost Moon“ by Alice Sebold. Very disturbing. 

5.I know my work is done when it tells me its done. I know when my work is speaking to me. 

6.I listen to books on MP3 ALL the time. I am a total bookaholic which is why I try to keep physical books at bay since they require hands to hold them and a chair to sit in which means I am not multi-tasking. 

7.The purpose of my work is to MAKE. Some people are writers and can express themselves through words. I can’t write so I do my art. I MAKE pottery, knitting, art quilt, surface design, watercolor, acrylics, jewelry, books, metal work and the list goes on. I love to MAKE

8.In 5 years I can’t even see myself at all. Last year I didn’t see this. Five years ago my idea of the future was so very very far off from what I have walked into, I never would have believed this life was possible. I CAN say that I have found crystal ball gazing is a waste of time for me. My reality is WAY more fabulous than anything I could have imagined in the past. 

Feathers and Crow


9.My advise for those involved in art is LEAP. Do it all, try it all, take every suggestion, every workshop, meet with as many artists as you can find, be open, don’t judge, just do, do, do. 

10.I get my juices flowing by looking at other people’s work. I see what they have done and suddenly ideas spring to mind. I especially love to work in a group of people. Their energy gives me energy. What I don’t do in become invested in what I am doing (control) but just let things flow and become what they want to be. I don’t own my art, I express art. 

11.I try to stay on the piece I am doing until it is done or I hit a road block. I usually can complete a work because it is a flow, a living thing. Some times I hit a wall which is rare but them I put it up on my design wall and look at it and wait for it to speak to me. I don’t have UFOs. 

You can find more of Beth on her website  and on her blog.

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