Linda Whiting~generous, talented and wise

If you’re a scientist at heart…somone who likes to know the how’s and why’s of the magic of color and wool, then the time you spend with Linda will be pure bliss.  Always a popular instructor, Linda is known for her depth of knowledge and her enthusiasm for sharing the miracles of playful study…I’m so glad she has been a part of our world since the beginning.  This year Linda will be teaching Creating Your Personal Color Palette on Thursday and Painted Yarn Skeins on Sunday. 

Coming over to Searsport from Denmark Maine, Linda took a few minutes from her crazy summer schedule to answer our interview questions:

1 – Title of my biography –“I Rarely Met A Color I Didn’t Like”

2 – Animals I live with – a slinky gray fellow with teeth, claws and a swishy tail that bangs on the door latch at 5 AM and a curly gray beast with bright shiny eyes that loves to go places and be included in every activity.

3 – Books I am reading – “The One-eyed Poacher And The Maine Woods” by Edmund Ware Smith, “Malice Prepense” by Kate Wilhelm, a legal thriller – audio, “The Kalahari Men’s Typing School” by Alexander McCall Smith. “Mauve” is in the cue along with a dozen others.

4 – How do I know when my work is done? When it is in the dyepan it is all intuition. When it is tapestry it is when the last end on the back side is woven in, knitting – the last stitch and woven in tail. There is plenty of other work that I know will never be done!


5 – I usually listen to Audiobooks when I am working or set my audio player to “shuffle”. Music might be anything from classical to folk, rhythm and blues, old rock ‘n roll favorites, to Norah Jones or ethnic, especially African.

6 – I create because I have to! My hands are rarely still or empty. I have to play with color one way or another. No outlet for the creative force? I think I would explode!

7 – I don’t really see myself in any particular place in five years. I just need to be able to “do”. I love teaching and can’t help myself in that respect – it just comes naturally. If there is something new to experience regarding color I’ll want to try it. I love dyeing and will always be doing that, and tapestry weaving – my path may change but it will always be going forward. The greatest adventure is what lies ahead.

8 – Advice to fiber workers – don’t let anyone tell you “you can’t do it that way”. Look at everything around you, talk to people who do what you’d like to do, learn from them but don’t be afraid to experiment on your own, choose your own colors, follow your own intuition, make your own path. If you are happy with what you are doing, keep doing it. If you find something else that intrigues you – check it out. Don’t be afraid to branch out or take a new path. Once you have discovered something it will always be with you even if you go on to something else. Keep moving forward. Most of all – enjoy the process, the path and the people.

9 – Getting my creative juices flowing can be as simple as taking a walk up the road – Being outside observing nature, smelling fresh air, first snow, newly cut grass, seeing the sky, the wind in the trees, the effects of different light – they are all part of the life force, things that make my heart sing. They are available at any time. A simple ‘spark’ – seeing a color, hearing a sound, recalling a memory – they all work their magic in one form or another. If I can’t go out I can still look out the window, listen to music, go to my books. Think a thought…now there is an endless supply…at least until my imagination is gone.

10 – How many projects? It depends upon whether you are talking “immediate” projects or things that might be part of the learning process, or more of a seasonal nature. Does that count my unfinished boat? Like everyone, I have some projects that no longer hold my interest the way they did when they were begun, others that I know I will get back to when the spirit moves me. Some things evolve through time and call me back like old friends. I think it is better not to count them all. Truth be told – I am much more a process person rather than a project person. I could never work on just one project at a time from start to finish. That just isn’t in my bones.

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