Mary Ann Hall~ Twinkle and Laughter Caught in a Quilt

Mary Ann lives in Greene Maine and is a self-proclaimed crazy fabric lady.  Well, if she’s crazy then I want some of that too.  Her eyes sparkle, her colors dance and when she laughs the whole room gets a shot of energy.  Her classes are in high demand…so much so that we’re repeating her popular class, Reversible Quilts on Thursday from 9-4 and Kaleidoscope Stars on Saturday from 9-12.  If you’d like to stretch your color muscles, perfect your techniques or simply have a wonderful, inspiring day in front of a sewing machine…take a MA Hall class like a special treat to savor.  If Mary Ann wanted to teach on the national circuit, she could…she’d just rather stay close to home and that’s a plus for you.

Recently she said:

1. The unauthorized biography of your life is titled: “I Did It My Way”

2. If forced to choose, would you be an eraser or a permanent magic marker?

I would be a BLUE magic marker. I would rather be a tool of creation than be a tool of deletion. And I’d be blue because it my favorite color.

3. Do you live with any animals?

Does a husband and 2 sons count?

4. What are you currently reading?

I am currently reading “The Dark Elf Trilogy” by R.A. Salvadore. Now, you might be saying to yourself, that book doesn’t sound like traditional quilter literature, well it isn’t. This book was given to me by a friend and in an honest effort to be a part of and understand her world I made a pledge to read one of her favorite books. I said to myself, “Mary Ann, lets open ourselves up to this new experience and go for a ride”. Who knows what I’ll be reading next!

5. What is the most surprising response to your art you have ever received?

Oh My Goodness, is that for sale? I think this is the most surprising and flattering response I have received about my work.

6. How do you know when your work is done?

This is a great question! Many of my projects can sit unfinished for months and I can look at it and think of about 10 different way of finishing a creative project. Then I try to look at these different scenarios and pick which is going to be the most creative and visually pleasing to my eye, that’s when I know a piece is finished.

7. What do you listen to while you create?

I enjoy listening to the radio. I consider myself an equal opportunity listener, I like most anything that will get me humming and my feet tapping.

8. Why do you (knit, quilt, spin, carve, design)? What is your purpose?

The purpose of it is to release the creativity inside. Sewing, quilting, and knitting are my creative outlets. I also loving making something with my hands that I can tangibly pass on to my children and they can pass on to their children, a “fabric legacy” if you will. I view these works as pieces of myself, my passion and my love that I hand down to my future kin. And although I will never know THEM, I hope that they will be able to look at one of my quilts and see how passionate I was about sewing and they will see ME in my work.

9. What do you know that you don’t know?

I know that I don’t know anything about making quirky fabric dolls. I have always been a distant admirer of fabric dolls and have never gotten around to putting in the time to investigate their construction. Fabric Dolls are next on my “to-do” list.

10. How does, or should, the word “passion” relate to an artist?

I truly believe that passion is the foundation for which every artist should platform their work. Have you ever started a project and then stopped? Or have you witnessed someone else do this? I believe this is because you simply lost the passion, or may not have ever had the passion for the project. And conversely, have you ever looked at someone’s work and seen the passion in the precision of the carefully crafted corners or exact matching of points of intersecting lines or the cleverly thought-out matching color palate? This is where I see passion.

11. Looking back, knowing what you know now, is there anything that you would do differently?

HAHA I would play stock market and buy alot of beach front property !

12. A lot of artists want to be famous, and some just want to make a living doing what they love. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

My creative appetite for sewing only continues to grow stronger and stronger with each piece. With that said, in 5 years I see myself still sewing and quilting anywhere and everywhere. My affection towards fabrics has nothing to do with being famous.

13. If you could give advice to anyone aspiring to work with fibers, what would it be?

My advise is simple and sweet. Jump in with both feet and don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

14. When it’s time to jumpstart your creativity; where do you go to get the juices flowing?

I don’t go to any museums, or try to get in touch with nature, or purposely attempt a higher level of self realization through meditation. I simply surround myself with my fabric. There is room in my house that contains all my materials and once I enter my….. fabric heaven, the blood starts pumping, the ideas start bursting and there is no stopping the fireworks!

15. How many projects do you generally have going at one time? I start one project and in the middle of it I get another idea and start a second project and let the first rest. Then I’ll get inspired on how to finish the first while already haven started a fifth and sixth project. They all feed off each other until they are complete. Can anyone relate, LOL!

One thought on “Mary Ann Hall~ Twinkle and Laughter Caught in a Quilt

  1. Have taken many classes from Mary Ann. She is a great instructor and so much fun. She can fix just about any mistake that you can make. I should know, I made plenty.

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