Trish Harriman~ a designer, a hooker and always in demand!

Trish is another third of Attic Heirlooms trio, a New England based company that supplies everything you might need for rug hooking, miniature punch needle, die cut wools and needle felting supplies.  Trish’s reputation as a designer is keeping her kits in all the important places including Maine’s own Halcyon Yarn.  Her images are a wonderful collection of traditional and totally fresh.  There’s a sense of whimsy in the felted flowers (she’ll be teaching this class on Sunday), crows and christmas decorations she designs and creates.  The booth is brimming with inspiration and there’s always  a knowledgable someone close by to talk with you…a strong reminder of why shopping and learning with fellow humans is still the best way to proceed.    

Recently she took time out from her busy road schedule to answer our Fiber College interview questions:    

1. The unauthorized biography of your life is titled: What I Did With My Life While Growing Up.    

2. If forced to choose, would you be an eraser or a permanent magic marker? Eraser. There is always room for improvement and it is neater to erase than scratch out something permanent.    

3. Do you live with any animals? Yes, Crows, crows and more crows. I am allergic to real animals so the ones on the wall have to do!    

crows, crows and more crows


4. What are you currently reading? A suspense novel. David Baldacci, Last Man Standing.    

5. What is the most surprising response to your art you have ever received? Your work should be in the American Folk Art Museum. (from a former board member)    

6. How do you know when your work is done? When the canvas is full.    

7. What do you listen to while you create? Usually just nature. When I work (if I am alone) I tune out the world around me and enjoy the pleasure of the craft.    

8. Why do you (knit, quilt, spin, carve, design…)? What is your purpose? The work of my hand is an extension of who I am. I quilt, punch, felt, knit etc therefore I am. I love to create projects that range from useful to just plain whimsical.    

A new die-cut machine produces unique felts


9. What do you know that you don’t know? I don’t know it all and would love to know more.    

10. How does, or should, the word “passion” relate to an artist? Passion should relate to everyone. Passion is a driving force to make one feel with their heart what their eyes see and hands feel.    

11. Looking back, knowing what you know now, is there anything that you would do differently? Yes. I feel life has room for improvement past, present and future.    

12. A lot of artists want to be famous, and some just want to make a living doing what they love. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? I would like to see myself trying to become famous while making a living doing what I love now.    

13. If you could give advice to anyone aspiring to work with fibers, what would it be? Color within the lines then slip a bit and see where it takes you.    

14. When it’s time to “tap” your creativity…where do you go to get the juices flowing? They flow all by themselves. It just doesn’t work for me to try to force it. I wait until they begin to flow and try to keep up with them when it happens. Sometimes it starts before the first cup of coffee and that is the hardest time to keep up!    

15. How many projects do you generally have going at one time? Oh, maybe 20 or more. That would include of course designs that are in the works and all the UFO’s (unfinished objects). My nemesis project at the moment is a monster of a knitted purse that has consumed 4 skeins of yarn and is about half done. When it comes to fiber arts and hand work, I don’t think you can have too many projects to work on. Of course you do have to finish them eventually.

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