Kim Sheehan

We’ll all of the pleasure of getting to know Kim for the first time this year.  Googling her name offers no clues…so we’ll just have to wait and see.  Her class, Needle Felted Footstool has been filling steadily (when you see the project photo and read the value in the materials kit it’s easy understand why)… and of course, her vendor booth sounds very tempting…Guessing from her artwork, Kim has a witty side.

In her interview, she said:

1. Do you live with any animals?

Three dogs and two ducks. All rescues except for my 15 year old JRT Oliver.

2. What are you currently reading?

David Baldacci’s Stone Cold, Clive Cussler’s Plague Ship, and something else in the car. I’d go look but it’s really hot out there.

3. How do you know when your work is done?

It just is.

4. What do you listen to while you create?

I love Green Day and Pink when I’m working, and the Beatles while I am contemplating my next move.

5.  What do you know that you don’t know?

I know I do not know how to knit well, and wish I did.

6. Looking back, knowing what you know now, is there anything that you would do differently?

I would have avoided working in the corporate world.

7. A lot of artists want to be famous, and some just want to make a living doing what they love. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Doing what I love, and encouraging others to do the same.

8. If you could give advice to anyone aspiring to work with fibers, what would it be?

Go to the farms; meet the animals and the people who are producing this fantastic fiber! It will make a big difference in your work.

9. When it’s time to jumpstart your creativity: where do you go to get the juices flowing?

A couple of months ago I took some photos for a community project showing the first signs of spring. After driving all over the greater Newburyport area I realized there wasn’t any place more inspiring or beautiful to me than my own spot here on tiny Ring’s Island.

10. How many projects do you generally have going at one time?

Many. I have four painted floor cloths going at the moment, along with a needle felted pillow, a felted shore bird, and a large shore bird decoy. Next week I’ll be  hand painting some yarn if the weather really does cool off, and starting the next group of floor cloths. I try to complete large (bulk) projects at one time, like 20 footstools. It rarely works out the way I plan, but I do try~sort of.

You can find Kim on Ravelry as HussexMeadows and on Facebook as Kim Sheehan

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