Jackie Fee…What more can I say?

Some women in this world can’t be rushed, pushed or prodded…they’ve earned the right to live as they want to…and they are a beacon for strong women everywhere. She has been published in handwork magazines for decades and is author of the Sweater Workshop.   Jackie Fee recently wrote in response to our e-mail interview:

I’m just back from a lovely Prince Edward Island vacation hence the delay in getting back to you. Again, I’m afraid my response will be disappointing. this computer connection is dreadful. I still have no photos in jpeg – spent January to June knitting & revising all 17th c. knitting patterns for the new Knitting Club at Plimoth Plantation – did nothing for me.
 Also having a hard time finding 10 ?’s to answer without being succinct – ie., 6. I know my work is done when there are no more sts. on the needle. #12. add 5 to 78 and it’s 83, so I just hope I am still alive, breathing and able to knit.
#4. I don’t read – only the newspaper. So, I hope you understand that I just can’t come up with much that is flowery in the way of answers.
 I do thank you for offering my class and if it goes I guess it will have to be on my name recognition and class description… 
  Anyway, I must hit send or may lose all of this and do ask your forgiveness and understanding.
  Best now, Jackie

Jackie will be teaching the Sweater Workshop on Saturday from 1:30-4:30.

2 thoughts on “Jackie Fee…What more can I say?

    • Hi Ann, Just let me blurt it out: What photos? Which twig sculptures? Susie Perrine’s? When did we have the conversation? Obviously I need to be brought back up to speed because we’d be glad to help, Astrig

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