Hatie Spins…and knits and felts and lives with critters

Hatie’s a creative, gentle soul who can wrestle a ram to the ground and then spin a cobweb of cashmere so fine you’d swear it was done by fairy hands.  Before you know it, she’s knit the wisps into a baby’s cap so delicate that you can’t even feel its weight in the palm of your hand…and the next afternoon she’ll needlefelt a brassy wench with ta-ta’s hanging to her belt…a doll that would sit comfortably in a biker bar in a scary town…she’s wonderful.  This year she’ll again have her vendor booth and teach Super Charged Embellishing on Sunday morning…a class for everyone looking to work “outside the box.”

She answered our questions, and this is what she said (hopefully you know the questions by now):

#2. I would be an eraser. It’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind, and I often do. When making a product I usually have an idea what I want to do. But, sometimes along the way the project takes on a mind of its own and I always follow it to see where we will go. Each fleece has its own characteristics. I find if I follow its lead it will get me where I want to go.

#3. Yes, I have 14 Sheep of 3 different breeds, Romney, Ramboulette, Islandic, and oh ya, 1 Churro, 14 cashmere goats, 5 dogs, 1 cat, a mule and a Percheron horse.

#4, I am currently reading Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson & David Oliver Relin and Best Friends by Samantha Glen. I keep one book on my bed stand and the other I keep in my car so if I get stuck waiting I have something to do if I don’t feel like knitting. I keep knitting in my car also.

#5 .Surprise comment: I made a vest out of a book called, Master Piece Sweaters by Janice Wright. I was at a show and this women walked up to my booth and looked at the vest. She introduced her self as the designer of the vest. She told me that this vest was the most beautiful representation of her work that she had seen. Needless to say it swelled me up.

#6. Finished?  When I am happy with what I see.

#7. I love to listen to celtic music. I also love to listen to Loraina McKennic, and Natalie Merchant

#8. I love to play with fiber because it fun, allows me freedom to choose, combine, experiment, change, express, gives me a sence of accomplishments, Fiber allows me to indulge myself and to satisfy myself.

#12.  In 5 years?  I will be working from home, designing pattern, making fabulous yarns, teaching my craft, caring for the livestock, and just enjoying what I have.

#14. Design process?  I get somewhat of an idea, then I think about it while I am running.

#15. Projects?  So, many I can’t count. When I finish them all I will be able to fill a second booth. I usually have several small project going and at least one big one.

One thought on “Hatie Spins…and knits and felts and lives with critters

  1. Hatie is the reason I have my two goats, Winnie & Lucy. She DID NOT listen when I told her “Whatever you do, don’t sell me a goat!” Way to go Hatie! My family loves them. And it led to me learning how to spin!

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