Re-introducing Faith Garrold…could she be a fiber ‘holic?

I’m lucky enough to say that Faith is a neighbor…and if she’d slow down long enough, maybe Emma and I could drop into her delightful, oceanfront studio for a cup of tea and a cookie…but catching up with Faith is a bit like capturing a butterfly in a net…it seems easy in theory but in practice…well, let’s just say you’d better be quick.  Here at the College we wouldn’t know what to do without her.  She helps out with the accounting late into the night, is our go-to person for any glitch that needs a solution and she can teach most classes with agility…although her favorite pastime involves fabric, a hand needle and thread.

This year Faith will be teaching When Life Gives You Scraps~ Make Quilts!…a serious (and fun) class for anyone who can manipulate a needle and thread…Sunday from 9-12

In response to our questions, Faith offered these thoughts:

1. My unauthorized bio would be titled ” Finding the Time”. This would tell the whole story of my life, a constant search for that elusive thing I never have enough of -to do the things that have to be done and with some hours to do the things that I would like to do!!

2. If I had to choose between being an eraser and a permanent marker, I would be a marker- bright red!! An eraser is for mistakes – who wants to go through life looking for those!!! I’d rather make a bold mark!

3. I don’t have any animals– though as a farm girl I miss them! My intown neighbors would not take kindly to a flock of goats however!!

4. I just finished Good without God, and am currently reading The Story of Everything: How the Oxford English Dictionary Was Made. Its not as heavy as it sounds!!! The only magazine I read faithfully is Mark Lipinsky’s QUILTER’S HOME. He is a hoot and his writers really capture the fun side of fabric work!

5. The thing that surprises me about other’s response to what I do is that they wonder how I find the time to create!! Refer to question # 1 !!.

6. I know that piece is done when I am happy!!! I create with fiber because it gives me pleasure.I start out with a sketchy plan in my head, put it on paper to develop my thoughts and start working. When I finish a quilt, wall hanging, felted wool sweater or a pot holder I know it is complete when I like the way it looks! Because I seldom sell anything, but give lots away, I really work for my own pleasure!

7. I seldom listen to anything!! If the Red Sox are playing I work while I watch. Other than that I enjoy the peace and quiet of my studio overlooking the ocean.

8. I most enjoy hand work, and I work almost exclusively with a number 8 needle in my hand,for piecing and quilting. Lately I have been teaching myself- with a book of course- to knit lace!! I needle felt, decorative work mostly on scarves, sweaters, pillows etc. My purpose in my fiber work is to create and I find hand work to be the greatest outlet for my creative urges. I tell people that it is my therapy- what keeps me sane in the busy world we live in.

9. There are so many things that I don’t know!! That’s why I buy books!!! And surround my self with interesting people when ever I get the chance!!

10. Passion means so many different things to people. To me passion for creativity is stronger in some people than in others- and stronger in all of us at different times!!! I believe that we have to have a passion for the fiber work we do or we could all just go hiking to use up our energy!

11. Looking back over my life I would not change anything!! I have been very lucky to have a good marriage, with a supportive husband that I don’t have to hide fabric from!!! I have had a great family and a career that was very rewarding. AND I always found the time to pursue my love for creating with every kind of materials I could find!!!

12. At my age, time is relative!! If I am alive at 80– I want to be doing just what I am doing now!!!

13. Giving advice is not my strong suit!! I rather see myself as an encourager- a supporter- a facilitator. My only advice to aspiring fiber artists would be “just do it”. Don’t worry too much about the “rules” they are made for people with no imagination!!!

14. I am not sure that I have any special place for inspiration! I find it everywhere!

15. Generally I have several pieces going– right now I have a quilt 3/4 completed, a table runner going for my daughter, a art project on the drawing board, and kits under way for my Fiber College class!! Oh yes- and the knitting lace!!. I have another quilt top hand quilted and ready for assembly. I took a piece to the framer today – a college crest for my granddaughter’s graduation gift, and I am thinking about a wedding gift for a great niece!!

16. We read the Republican Journal on line and the Bangor Daily News every day! I also read The Good News Paper which is published by my niece!!

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