Which Classes to Choose?

We met, we saw, we discussed and finally we voted.  This year there were 92 proposals for 40 class slots.  The applications were wonderfully diverse, inventive, inspiring and worthy…the choices were impossibly difficult in many cases.  The final decisions were based on spreading the offerings across the board for knitting, spinning, weaving, quilting, woodworking and so on.

Sometimes the artist’s slide sold the class, other times it was the well written class proposal.  The jury never knew the name of the applicant but could quickly discern those instructors who explained a class concisely and radiated confidence that the class objectives could be accomplished in the allotted time frame.  Occasionally two proposals were so similar and beautifully presented that we were forced to look at other factors; we then considered the flexibility of the instructors’ schedules and whether or not they were vending at the College.  In these cases we chose to support the vendors and then used the flexible schedules to make all of the puzzle pieces fit together…we met for 7 hours and gave every class our full attention.

For your pleasure, here are the slides we considered.  The acceptance letters will be going out within 24 hours, followed shortly by requests for the declined classes to be proposed again next year.  Please comment to us about the classes you’d like to see and courses that may not have been proposed but should be found for next year.  In the end, we agreed to find classroom space for 57 classes…a new record for Fiber College on Penobscot Bay!  Thank you, thank you to everyone who applied.

Please invite all of your friends to join us September 9-12, 2010

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